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Formerly invasion-viking-shop.com since 2016, here is ERVALD.

Your reference shop for your Viking purchases.

Bracelets, Rings, Necklaces, disguises, altars, statues, axes,... Discover more than 2,500 references in the ERVALD shop.


Our Viking jewelry is a true expression of Viking art and history. We offer a carefully curated selection of high quality rings, clan bracelets and other accessories , designed to reflect the unique Viking aesthetic. Each jewel is made with quality materials to guarantee its longevity and resistance. Whether you're looking to show off your clan affiliation or add an authentic touch to your outfit, our Viking jewelry is the perfect solution for any Norse history buff.

Viking rings are one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry in Norse culture. At Ervald, we offer a selection of authentic Viking rings, designed to reflect the unique aesthetic of this fascinating era.