Frequently asked Questions

1. Delivery

How long does delivery take?

The time to load your goods on our Drakkars and to ship everything varies between 24 and 48 hours.

Delivery in Europe lasts between 7 and 17 days.

However, if you live overseas ( Canada ), delivery will take between 14 and 24 days.

Dom-toms : delivery to the islands takes on average between 30 and 50 working days.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver all over the world. France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada are our four main destinations, delivery is free for these destinations. Note that delivery charges apply for certain destinations such as the DOM-TOMS for example.

2. Ervald

What is this?

Ervald is an online store dedicated to the mythical and legendary world of our Scandinavian ancestors.

We share a passion and spread the protection of the Viking gods over the world of Midgard.

Do you have a physical store?

No, Ervald is a 100% online store. Maybe in the future we will have the chance to open a store in France!

How to support Ervald?

You can support us through our ambassador program. This allows you to promote our products. For each sale via your link or ambassador code, you receive commissions!

To register:

3. Order

Where is my order?

When you order an item, you receive a tracking number allowing you to follow the progress of your package.

My order is damaged

We are sorry to hear this.

This is why we will of course refund you or send the item directly to you.

Please read our Returns and Refunds Policy for more detailed information.

I received my order but it is not complete

No worries!

For logistical reasons, we sometimes store our products in different warehouses.

This is why the rest of your order may arrive a few days later.

Can I make a return if the size of my item does not suit me?

Yes ! To do this, please complete the Return Form and send it to us at the email address in the document.
Remember to include a photo of your item in the email with the return form.

4. Items

Where can I find size guides?

If an item requires a size guide, it will always be in the product description.

Size guide for rings:


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