Origin & Explanations


Ervald: the vikings' landmark

The name Ervald is of Scandinavian origin, resulting from the combination of two elements of the Norse language: "Eir" and "Vald".

The name Ervald can be interpreted as "power of honor" or "power of protection".



The first part of this name is inspired by the goddess Eir and her association with healing .

In Norse mythology, Eir was a goddess associated with care and healing, and was often invoked to heal the wounds of gods and heroes. Viking healers could also summon Eir when practicing medicine.

The first part of the first name "Ervald" can also have a different origin, in this case from Old Norse "ǣra" or "ær", which means "honor" or "respect" .

Thus, if we associate this first part of the first name with the second part "vald", it could be interpreted as "power of honor" or "dominion of respect". This combination of "ær" and "vald" is common in Scandinavian first and last names, and reflects the importance placed on the notion of honor in Viking society.

In Viking culture, honor was a core value, and warriors often sought to win battles for the glory and honor associated with victory. Clan leaders and kings were also respected for their honor and integrity.



The suffix "vald" is common in Scandinavian surnames and surnames and means "power" or "dominion" .

Found in names and personal names, the suffix "vald" can be associated with concepts such as power, sovereignty, authority, control or mastery. For example, the name "Ragnvald" (power of the army of the gods) can be interpreted as meaning "power of the divine army".

In Viking culture, power and dominance were important concepts. Clan chiefs, kings and warriors had great influence and were respected for their ability to exercise authority. The suffix "vald" in names and surnames reflects this emphasis on power and dominance in Viking society.

In sum, the "vald" suffix is ​​an important part of Norse language and culture, associated with concepts of power and dominance that were valued in Viking society .