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Ragnar Lodbrok Viking Bracelet
Ragnar Lodbrok Viking Bracelet

Ragnar Lodbrok Viking Bracelet

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Bracelet Viking Leather Viking
Bracelet Viking Cuir Viking puissance cosmique

Bracelet Viking Leather Viking

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Cosmic Power Cosmic Power Midgard Strength Midgard Strength Spirit of Heimdall Spirit of Heimdall Warrior's Courage Warrior's Courage +10 View more
Fenrir Wolf Viking Bracelet
Bracelet Viking Loup Fenrir

Fenrir Wolf Viking Bracelet

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Viking bracelet Jormungand snake biting its own tail
Bracelet Serpent Jormungand qui se mord la queue en Argent

Viking bracelet Jormungand snake biting its own tail

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Silver Dragon Viking Bracelet
Bracelet Viking Dragon d'Argent

Silver Dragon Viking Bracelet

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Silver Viking Rollo Bracelet
Bracelet Viking Rollo en Argent

Silver Viking Rollo Bracelet

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Ragnar's Beads Viking Bracelet
Bracelet Viking perles de Ragnar

Ragnar's Beads Viking Bracelet

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Ivar the Boneless Viking Bracelet
Bracelet Viking Ivar le Désossé noir

Ivar the Boneless Viking Bracelet

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Bracelet Lagertha
Bracelet Lagertha

Bracelet Lagertha

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Viking cuff Tree of Life
Manchette Viking Arbre de vie en Bronze

Viking cuff Tree of Life

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Viking Ax Braided Bracelet
Bracelet tressé Hache Viking

Viking Ax Braided Bracelet

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Bjorn Viking Bracelet
Bracelet Viking Bjorn bronze

Bjorn Viking Bracelet

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Bronze Bronze Money Money
Viking Ax Leather Bracelet
Bracelet en cuir Hache Viking

Viking Ax Leather Bracelet

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Viking Bead Bracelet
Bracelet Perle Viking

Viking Bead Bracelet

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Dragon Scales Viking Bracelet
Bracelet Viking écailles de dragon

Dragon Scales Viking Bracelet

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Hugin and Munin Viking Bracelet
Bracelet Viking Hugin et Munin

Hugin and Munin Viking Bracelet

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Lagertha's Beads Viking Bracelet
Bracelet Viking perles de Lagertha

Lagertha's Beads Viking Bracelet

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Braided Leather Viking Bracelet
Bracelet Viking Cuir tressé noir

Braided Leather Viking Bracelet

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Viking Leather Cuff
manchette cuir viking argent

Viking Leather Cuff

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Men's Viking Bracelet - Leather
bracelet viking homme cuir argent

Men's Viking Bracelet - Leather

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Meaning of Viking Bracelets

Since the beginning of time,vikings wear jewelry. Beyond the aesthetic aspect that we can find in them today, thebracelets of the timewere primarily financial assets. They allowed them tobarteragainst goods. Indeed, the Vikings were above all apeople of merchants. The rich Vikings therefore wore numerous jewels in order toshow off their wealth. It is both asymbol of power and wealth.

The bracelets also had deep meanings linked to their culture and mythology. These bracelets were often entrusted withprotective virtues, warriors, personality, and many others...

Viking bracelets are excellent Nordic jewelry, to wear with pendants andviking necklacesof course.

Here is a list of the different symbols that can be found on bracelets as well as their meaning:

Fenrir Wolf Viking Bracelet

THEwolf Fenrir is the symbol of strength and ferocity. He is the son of Loki and with his brother Jormungand and his sister Hel, they form the trio of death during Ragnarök.

This type of bracelet is therefore suitable for types ofambitious personality, strong and sometimes a little too aggressive.

Meaning of Viking wolf head bracelets

In this specific case, these bracelets are symbols ofpower, determination and patience.

Viking Bear Bracelet

King of the forest, the bear is aprotection animalfirst of all. He is often connected to Björn Iron Ribs who fought a bear with his bare hands.

In Viking culture, we also speak of bear warriors, theberserkers, who went into a killing spree during battle and could single-handedly take down an army of men.

This type of bracelet will therefore suit a type of personality with quiet strength or as aprotection symbol.

Viking Dragon Bracelet

In Nordic culture, the dragon represents the final test of the warrior. We find many in mythology such as:Jormungand, Nídhögg or even Fáfnir.

We also find the dragons on the bow of their longships. These were intended toscare the enemyduring raids.

The symbols associated with the dragon are fearlessness,wealth, fighting spirit, renewal or self-confidence.

Viking Raven Bracelet

The raven is asymbol of wisdombut also of death. This is explained by the fact that this animal is the link between the world of men (Midgard) and that of the gods (Asgard).

In mythology, it is Hugin and Munin the ravens who act as messengers between worlds. Hugin being the thought of Odin and Munin the memory.

This type of bracelet will therefore be suitable for a type ofwise, thoughtful and intelligent personality. It can also act as protection from Odin given that the raven is the god's totem animal.

Viking Runes Bracelet

Depending on the type of rune highlighted on the bracelet, it can have many meanings. In order to know these, we recommend that you view our article onmeaning of viking runes.

Due to their antiquity, runes are certainly the most conducive means of being inrelationship with our ancestorsand with the Norse gods.

We can findlucky runes, which bring, joy, love, strength, power, healing, and many other meanings. Generally runic bracelets are there to bring protection and good fortune for both men and women.

Viking Bronze Bracelet

Bronze is the alloy ofcopper and tin. It was common in the times of the Vikings, Celts and Slavic peoples.

Ideal for giving yourself ahistorical look, however, copper tends to oxidize easily. This is why you will need to maintain it frequently withbrass renovator.

Viking Leather Bracelet

Leather bracelets look morerusticAndhandmade. The best known are strength bracelets. It can be found in the form of a cuff with symbols such as the Vegvisir, the tree of life Yggdrasil, the Valknut, the wolf Fenrir, the Helm of Awe or even Thor's hammer (Mjöllnir) for example.

Stainless Steel Viking Bracelet

Stainless steel is definitelythe best materialto ensure the longevity of your bracelet. Although more expensive, it is more qualitative and will save you from unpleasant surprises.

Generally, steel has a color close to silver, which makes it verypretty bracelet. The advantage is that color is often more easily customizable.

Silver Viking Bracelet

The best known of these is the925 sterling silverwhich is a reference in the world of jewelry. These bracelets are heavier but have a realmarket value.

If you want to immerse yourself in the depths of the life of a Viking of the period, we strongly recommend that you choose asilver bracelet. You can even exchange it and barter with followers if you wish or the situation requires it. Like the vikings did back then.

Gold Viking Bracelet

Gold is anoble and rare materialwhich increases in value over time. He was worshiped by rich Vikings like kings or Jarls. Although expensive, gold bracelets give you aincomparable style. You will be able to feel the weight of it around your wrist which can be a real satisfaction.

History of Viking Bracelets

As explained previously, bracelets had a significant market value depending on their manufacture, material and beauty. The Vikings used many materials to make their jewelry. Among the most common are: steel, silver, gold, copper, amber and bronze.

These were wornaround the wrist, arm or even neck. They sometimes have shapestwisted, sometimes mythological forms such as animals.

Ancient Viking Bracelets

There are many bracelets dating from the Viking era in Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Depending on the manufacture of the bracelet, we can determine its origin. Indeed,not all clans used the same manufacturing methodswhich allows us to easily date and locate them.

Viking Bracelet for Couple

You wishoffer a giftto your partner? We have prepared a series of tips for you to help you make your choice. Generally, for couple bracelets, we recommend anchor bracelets as a symbol of union.

You can also opt for a bracelet related to Thor which symbolizes the protection of your relationship.

Viking Bracelet for Men

Men will tend to prefer bracelets referring to symbols ofpower. We recommend, for example, the Ragnar Lothbrok bracelet, the Fenrir bracelet or even a Dragon bracelet.

Viking Bracelet for Women

Concerning women, we will prefer bracelets morediscreetAndrefined. Note that we have dedicated a complete collection to them in order to help you in your selection.

Ragnar Lothbrok's Viking Bracelet

Ragnar Lothbrok is the warrior andviking leaderthe most famous of all time. His sons, Ivar, Ubbe, Bjorn, Hvitserk and Sigurd are all heroes of their time.

In the Vikings series, Ragnar wears a bracelet given to him when he became a man in the Kattegat Viking clan.

Bracelets in the Vikings Series

Here is the selection of Viking bracelets makingreference to the actors of the vikings series:







Viking Bracelet in Gold or Silver?

If you want aflashier styleand "bling-bling", we recommend agold bracelet. However, note that depending on gold, the price can rise very quickly. This is why in this type of case, we recommend that you contact a professional.

You can also choose an imitation or gold color so as not to spend your money unnecessarily. We offer many gold-colored bracelets on our store.

In order to remain more discreet, asilver braceletis a symbol of class and elegance. We offer a Viking Bracelet in Sterling Silver on our store.

You can, just like gold bracelets, choose a silver-colored bracelet to reduce the bill.

Viking Bracelet in Leather and Authentic

Leather is a rustic and authentic material. However, it can have many problems. Notably the fact that it doesn't like water very much and can end up deforming.

If leather shoes are a safe bet, the bracelet on the other hand is not always suitable. This is because this often causes size and durability issues. Who would want to find themselves in the situation where one morning they can no longer put their bracelet on their wrist? This is why we frequently use synthetic leather to obtain amaximum durability and longevity. This allows us to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

For each leather bracelet, the manufacturing material is always indicated in its description.

Viking bracelet: wear the symbol of Nordic civilization

Jewelry has been present in Nordic civilization since the dawn of time. The Vikings pay great attention to their image and their aesthetic, contrary to what one might think of them at first glance. Indeed, beyond the image of warriors eager for pillage and battles are men and women passionate about the creation and manufacturing of ornaments. Bracelets are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry among the Vikings and this is also part of their traditions. Indeed, who didn't feel this feeling of pride when Bjorn received his bracelet when he turned 12? Do you also want to display the powerful symbol of the people of the north? Do you want to add a new bracelet to your Viking outfit? Learn everything you need to know about the Viking bracelet and choose from the many models on our store.

Viking history bracelet

Whether made of silver, gold, leather or other natural elements like wood and bone, Viking bracelets have a history of their own. Since the dawn of time, men have always been fond of jewelry and accessories. Long used to add a decorative touch to the appearance of a person or property, jewelry also has another use. This is particularly the case for the Vikings.

The beginnings of Viking bracelets

Northerners took inspiration from everything around them. Thus, the main materials used to make the bracelets were initially natural. Jewelers of the time, if you can call them that, made bracelets from animal bones, leather and wood. These were perfectly hand-forged rings that were worn every day.

Through wars and pillaging, the Vikings accumulated a good amount of treasure. It was from this moment that jewelers created new models with steel, copper, bronze, silver and gold. Naturally, the metals used to make bracelets depended on the social status of the owners.

The models come with different details and others are adorned with precious stones. The work of making jewelry was very important in Scandinavian culture, so much so that the finishes and attention to detail were exemplary. Even for handmade items. Moreover, archaeological excavations carried out in the northern regions of Europe have made it possible to determine the different models of bracelets worn by the Vikings. This highlighted the profession of jewelry designer and its importance within these northern communities. Each region had its own signature and you could recognize a person's provenance simply by their jewelry and accessories.

Viking bracelets and their evolution

The use of bracelets also varied depending on their size. Some are meant to be worn on the wrist while others are worn on the arm. Other Viking bracelets, larger and more imposing, are even worn on the neck to adorn it. Indeed, the bigger the bracelet, the more it showed the wealth of its owner. The material used to make it also weighed on the scales. A large steel bracelet was not worth much compared to a medium-sized gold bracelet.

Viking bracelets were worn by both men and women. In addition to showing the wealth of its owner, the Viking bracelet was also a symbol of belief and religious faith. The designs and runes engraved on the arms allowed the Vikings to show their love and adoration to their gods.

The use of bracelets in Nordic civilization

There are several types of bracelets, depending on the material and finishes used to adorn them. But you should know that archaeological excavations have discovered that silver was the preferred material for creating bracelets. Indeed, this material is easy to handle. Just fold it up and you will have a bracelet that fits your wrist. Naturally, accessories that are made in this way have dual functionality. In addition to serving to enhance the appearance of the person wearing the bracelet, when it is made of silver, it can also be used for barter and financial transactions. Thus, these bracelet models did not really need great finishes and precise details since they were intended to be exchanged.

Working with manufacturing materials such as iron, steel, silver, bronze and gold requires more sophisticated know-how. Moreover, it was through the development of iron production that new models of Viking bracelets were created. This is also what we find in Denmark. The excavations made it possible to find bracelets in the form of twisted spirals. This is also the case in Gotland. The most complex models were made of two or more twisted and intertwined materials.

Later, Viking bracelets were decorated with pendants and more precise designs. For example, there may be bracelets in the shape of Mjolnir or others which included designs of a wolf's head. Aside from their importance in financial transactions, Viking bracelets are also used as symbols of protection.

Viking bracelet meaning

The meaning of Viking bracelets depends on the materials used in its manufacture as well as the designs that are engraved on the bracelet. In the Vikings series, Bjorn receives his first bracelet to mark the fact that he is becoming a man. Through this accessory, he also swears an oath to Jarl Haraldson and his family. The bracelet therefore has an important place in the life of the Vikings, it serves as both a religious artifact and an accessory to beautify a person.

The Viking bracelet is also a symbol of wealth in Nordic civilization. Vikings wear them every day to show their superiority and wealth. This is mainly thanks to the accessories they wear every day. But beyond this practicality and this distinction of social classes, Viking bracelets have a particular meaning depending on the designs and ornaments that compose them.

The Vegvisir men’s bracelet

The symbol of Vegvisir is a compass with eight branches which represent the 4 cardinal points and the 4 intercardinal points. This accessory has the power to take the person who owns it safely to their destination. Moreover, it is for this reason that the Viking boats bore seals for a long time. The Vegvisir allows sailors to never get lost, even during a storm. This also allowed them to protect themselves and return home safely.

This symbol also helps steer the Vikings in the right direction when faced with a crucial choice in life. The latter consulted him in the event of an impasse in order to make the right decision.

Generally made of leather with a prominent pendant on the top, the Vegvisir bracelet allows any fan of Scandinavian culture to highlight their passion. If you are not a big fan of imposing models, the Vegvisir leather viking bracelet is made for you. It is made up of several twisted leather threads which are decorated with the compass which closes with a metal frame. Or, the Vegvisir Viking paracord bracelet model made up of three small metal beads between which a resistant black rope is woven.

The rune bracelet

This type of bracelet is a wrist ring on which different runes are engraved. Considered magical within Nordic culture, runes primarily bring happiness and luck to the wearer.

Depending on the inscriptions on the bracelet, the runes can mean strength, love, joy, wealth and power. These symbols are also very present in the Viking civilization. They were also used to adorn rings, necklaces, pendants, protective amulets, decorative objects, talismans and even armor. Depending on the level of belief of a Viking worthy of the name, runes also have the power to change a life, whether for better or worse. Moreover, it is the warriors who mainly carry the runes during battles. This allowed them to attract the favor of the gods and emerge victorious. Wearing a runic bracelet is a lucky sign for followers of the Viking civilization.

You have several choices on the site regarding the Viking runes bracelet. It's up to you to choose the thickness and color of your accessory. It is easy to wear since it is a very simple wrist ring to put on. It can go with any type of outfit and will be perfect for subtly showing your belonging to the world of Nordic warriors.

The ax bracelet

Like Mjolnir for Thor, the ax was the Vikings' weapon of choice. Moreover, it shows the power, audacity, strength and bravery of its owner. Whether in braided leather or as a cuff, the Viking ax bracelet allows you to stand out through your passion. The thin leather bracelets can be worn for a discreet touch while the cuff brings a more original dimension to your look.

The Mjolnir Bracelet

This is Thor's weapon, the hammer which produces lightning and which allowed Thor to defeat his enemies. Mjolnir is only for the worthy. It signifies power, strength and bravery. Thor has never separated from this hammer and it is even considered as an extension of his person. This hammer also possesses extraordinary power. He is indeed very loyal and returns to his owner after killing his enemies. When used as an amulet, Mjolnir can give superhuman strength to its possessor.

You have different models of Mjolnir bracelet, including those in paracord, cuff, bead or even woven leather. It's up to you to choose the model that suits you in order to enhance your look in the best possible way.

The dragon head bracelet

Well known as the main enemy of the gods, the dragon is very present in Nordic civilization and mythology. It represents death and hell. Research and excavations have also made it possible to find various traces of dragons in Viking works of art, in the decorations of houses as well as on ships. The presence of dragons on ships allowed warriors to bring victory to their camps. The dragon also represents wealth and danger, two important points that are emphasized in raids and fights.

This mythical animal symbolizes, among other things, a renewal from a rather alarming situation. If you want to make a fresh start, the dragon head bracelet is the best accessory for you. Generally minimalist, the dragon bracelet can also signify your fighting spirit which does not let itself be stepped on. Whether it is gold, silver or leather, the dragon bracelet will allow you to assert yourself in any situation. Moreover, the fine models go with any type of outfit. You can also wear it to go to work every day to remind yourself of the warrior inside you or during unique occasions like weddings or other events. The cuff type bracelet can enhance a more casual outfit.

The Valknut bracelet

The Vlaknut bracelet shows the interconnectedness of the three realms: earth, heaven and hell. It shows the cycle of life and reincarnation. This symbol is used to mark new beginnings such as births, promotions at work, the resumption of a new activity or the end of a difficult event for you. From the moment you wear this bracelet, you will begin a new chapter in your life. The nine points of the three triangles show the nine worlds which are inseparable.

By wearing this bracelet, you will be more serene in your new life. It marks an important break in your journey on earth. So, to engrave your renewal, you can wear a Viking Valknut bracelet in steel, paracord or leather, depending on your style. For those who are more discreet, the thin models are the most suitable. If you like extravagance while being sober, the leather cuff bracelet, braided or not, will be perfect for your wrist.

Ragnar viking bracelet (vikings series)

Are you a big fan of the Vikings series? It is also through this that the followers of Nordic civilizations allowed us to know more about the daily lives of the peoples of the North. Are you looking for an accessory specific to the series? Opt for the Ragnar Lodbrok viking bracelet to embellish your outfits.

This is an iconic character in the Vikings series. Ragnar sees himself as a born leader, often misunderstood because of his unparalleled intelligence and his fascination with the Church. His character is both tough and endearing. He is in fact described as a direct descendant of Odin, the father of the gods.

Ragnar has a twisted metal bracelet with two dragon heads at both ends. This bracelet was used to pledge allegiance to Ragnar when he becomes Jarl in Haraldson's place. Indeed, he wanted to conquer new lands, but the latter prevented him from doing so. It was then that he brought together a secret crew, far from the eyes of the Jarl, and had a fairly robust boat built, capable of sailing towards the West in order to discover unknown lands.

This trip allowed him to meet Athelstan, a monk priest devoted to Christ. The latter was conquered by Viking culture and saved Ragnar and his family from an attack that could have cost them their lives. It was at this moment that Ragnar gave him his bracelet to show his gratitude. Athelstan then became a member of Ragnar's family. The bracelet is then returned to the latter's sons after his disappearance in the lands of the West.

Ragnar's bracelet also exists in other versions to allow you to show your admiration for the hit series. You can indeed wear a cuff bracelet bearing the image of Ragnar's banner or a Viking bracelet with Ragnar beads.

By wearing the bracelet of the King of Kattegat, you can feel his strength and power washing over you. This bracelet will help you no longer be afraid of the unknown, like Ragnar when he decided to convince his friends to undertake a risky journey. Indeed, no one, apart from a few solitary travelers, have confirmed the presence of land in the Western Seas.

It was only by following his intuition that Ragnar was able to discover the riches and glory of having defeated the Western countries. He is unequivocally one of the greatest Viking warriors in history. He defeated the peoples of all Europe through his raids and battles. But do you know the most interesting? It turns out that Ragnar Lodbrok did indeed exist.

Several Scandinavian history books trace the myth around Ragnar, the legendary king. Before becoming king, he was just a simple farmer. He loves the power of the land in order to feed his people. Later, he became the king of all the Vikings and his notoriety is no longer up for debate.

Ragnar Viking bracelets are unisex. They can be worn by both men and women. This bracelet signifies strength, courage and ambition, like the famous king of the north.

925 silver viking bracelet

Silver has always been the most used material in the manufacture of bracelets. The Viking forge made it possible to create different silver jewelry of all sizes and shapes. This is undoubtedly the accessory that every Viking must have in their outfit.

In addition to highlighting you, this jewel will be the must have in your collection. The 925 silver Viking bracelet allows you to subtly stand out while asserting your personality and your passion for the Vikings. Indeed, the silver color adds an elegant touch to any outfit. This is a flagship piece that highlights the know-how and quality of a handmade piece of jewelry.

Our collection of solid silver bracelets will be perfect to go with all your outfits. This material has been specially chosen to bring longevity to your accessory. The number 925 means that the silver your bracelet is made from is 92.5% pure. This mention guarantees you to have authentic money on your wrist. And even if the design is quite imposing, you will have no trouble wearing it every day since silver is a fairly light material.

Do you want to own an accessory that reflects the exact image of Nordic men's jewelry? The solid silver Viking bracelet is a piece to have in your jewelry box. In addition to being solid and lasting over time, this bracelet can go unnoticed while adding a touch of authenticity to your look.

Viking wolf bracelet

The wolf is an emblematic animal of Nordic culture. It represents the son of Loki the prankster god and symbolizes strength and courage. There are many models to help you choose the one that suits you.

For example, opt for a Viking clan wolf bracelet, easy to put on your wrist thanks to its twisted ring structure. It allows you to stand out discreetly. This accessory is both manly and elegant. You can wear it both during important events and to go to work every day.

The combination of several materials is also perfect with a wolf pendant. For example, you can opt for a Viking wolf bracelet howling at the moon to mark your bravery and courage. The braided leather that makes up this bracelet can adapt to any wrist size. You will then be able to adjust your accessory according to your hand.

Steel is also very present in Nordic culture. Different jewelry is made from this material since it does not rust easily and because of its accessibility at that time. Among other things, you can choose a steel wristband or a ring to perfect your look.

The wolf bracelet is also available in pearls. This material is suitable for both men and women. Combined with a wolf's head, the beaded Viking wolf bracelet brings an original touch to your look.

Bjorn viking bracelet

The Vikings series not only puts Ragnar Lodbrok in the spotlight, it also talks about his sons, including the eldest: Bjorn. It is indeed this character who is one of the fundamental roles in the series. It also highlighted the Vikings' love of jewelry and accessories.

The bracelet that was given to Bjorn for his 12th birthday symbolizes strength and loyalty. He pledged allegiance to Jarl Haraldson before he was dethroned by his own father, making him a noble. The series also allows us to see the development of Bjorn's character over these several years, trying as best he can to follow in his father's footsteps. His thirst for adventure allowed him to fight a bear with his bare hands.

Moreover, the bear pendant is very well assimilated to the character of Bjorn. Just like this animal, its solitary character and its ferocity are highlighted. Besides, you can absolutely come across a Viking bear paw bracelet when you search for the name Bjorn. How can you not succumb to the charm of this child who has become an adult in no time to protect his family?

Later, Bjorn Ironside was well known for his skill on the battlefield. His bracelet traces his journey and the bravery he has always shown. He is just as intelligent as his father and this has allowed him to lead several men on expeditions to the still unknown lands of the West, further than Ragnar himself would have gone. You can wear this bracelet every day to remember and be inspired by Bjorn's character traits.

Men's viking bracelet

Bring out your masculine side with our collection of viking bracelets for men. You have a wide choice when it comes to models and all accessories are adjustable to fit your wrist. Do you like adventure and brave the unknown without being afraid? That’s because you are a true Viking at heart. The men's bracelets in our collection allow you to stand out and mark your personality through a neat and elegant look.

Northern men are strong and virile. In their image, men's bracelets mark their singularity and allow you to assert yourself as well. Their rough lifestyle does not imply that they did not pay attention to their appearance. Contrary to what one might think, Viking men like to wear accessories to embellish their outfit.

There are many bracelets for men on our site. You can choose one according to your tastes and needs. For daily wear, for example, choose soft materials such as paracord or braided leather. If you want to add an elegant touch to your outfit, opt for a men's viking steel bracelet. The models can be matched with any look to help you stand out and assert your personality as a manly man from the North.

Opt for an animal motif to show your admiration for Scandinavian culture. You have the choice between the snake, the wolf or the bear. The raven is also present in Norse myths and beliefs. These accessories fit your wrist perfectly for easy wearing.

Women's viking bracelet

Do you appreciate the metal work and the details added to the finishes of women's Viking bracelets? Find the model that suits you in our collection. You have a wide choice when it comes to size, designs and patterns.

The Viking bracelets on our site are not just reserved for men. The different models are unisex and will fit perfectly on any type of wrist. Moreover, Viking women have long worn jewelry to perfect their outfit.

For example, you can opt for a silver Viking feather bracelet, both meaningful and elegant. It was created in honor of Freya, the goddess of fertility. The feather-shaped pattern at the end of this bracelet highlights a modern and elegant design. You can wear this bracelet very well on all occasions. It can go with an elegant dress for a wedding or an evening. You can also wear it to accompany your summer outfit. Its ring shape brings a touch of lightness to your look.

Women's bracelets also exist in an arm ring version. If you are a fan of this accessory, you can choose a size a little larger than your wrist and wear the ring on your arm. The Viking flower of the north bracelet can, for example, be perfect to accompany a light dress or a short-sleeved t-shirt.

Do you want to add color to your look? Are you a fan of vintage and original style? Freyja's beaded Viking bracelet will be perfect to adorn your wrist. Thanks to the combination of pearls and steel, this bracelet highlights femininity while remaining faithful to Viking principles.

And for fans of the Vikings series, there are also Lagertha bracelets. The shield-wielding warrior is well known as Ragnar's first wife. But that's not all. It is equally important in the history of Kattegat. She knew how to lead the city to make it as safe as possible after Ragnar's disappearance. It is therefore no surprise that the Lagertha bracelet is made up of a closed ring with a shield-shaped pendant. It sports a sea green color, very present in the outfits of the warriors in the series.

The Lagertha bracelet is also available in a pearl version. The blue and white colors used to make this jewel refer to water, an essential element in Viking culture. It easily adapts to a summer outfit. But you can wear it in all seasons.

Other models of bracelets such as the silver spiral viking bracelet are also available on our site. The rounded shapes and the fine details are perfect to accompany all your outfits. You can also opt for a Triskelion Viking Bracelet or a Twisted Viking Bracelet for everyday wear. It's up to you to choose the ring that suits you and allows you to assert your personality.

Leather bracelet

If you are looking for a material that is easy to wear and pleasant for every day, you can opt for a leather Viking bracelet. Whether in braided leather or in the shape of a cuff, you are spoiled for choice. Men and women will find what they are looking for through our selection of leather bracelets.

Do you want to highlight your virility, your strength of character and your personality while being subtle in the details? You can opt for a Viking ax leather bracelet. This accessory is perfect to go with an elegant or casual outfit. It closes with the pendant, which makes it even more original.

To mark your wrist and draw attention to your hand, you can also wear a Valknut leather Viking bracelet. This cuff is very easy to wear. The patterns and designs engraved on the top are reminiscent of Nordic civilization. So you will always have a part of Viking on your wrist.

If you are a discreet man, you can choose the Asgard vikings leather bracelet. It was created in the same spirit as the city of the gods: majestic and strong, without being imposing. This accessory will mark your originality and will adapt perfectly to all your outfits.

Leather has always been one of the most used materials to make jewelry in Viking culture. The strength bracelet is the most popular among handmade leather jewelry. You can find different symbols representing the wolf Fenrir, the tree of life Yggdrasil or even the Valknut on the patterns of the bracelet. It's up to you to choose the design that suits you best.

Viking steel bracelet

Our site is full of other types of bracelets to suit your style. Steel is one of the most used materials in the manufacture of Scandinavian jewelry, in particular thanks to its ease of access. It can both be used to craft weapons and accessories. Moreover, the warriors, in addition to leather and silver bracelets, also wore steel accessories.

Working with steel allowed jewelry designers to make different models of bracelets, each one as original as the next. So, you have a wide choice of models to enhance your outfits.

For example, you can opt for a Viking bracelet with Yggdrasil branches to complete your outfit. This accessory can be worn with all styles and is suitable for both men and women.

The dragon head or twisted snake models are also perfect for emphasizing the masculine features of men. They accompany a firm wrist wonderfully and can be worn for important events as well as for everyday life. Depending on the model you choose, you can highlight your strength of character and underline your personality.

Steel bracelets are also easy to maintain. You don't need to clean them frequently. The best thing is to just store them in a jewelry box and not leave them lying around anywhere.

During the summer, also remember to remove your jewelry before entering the sea or water. When the temperature becomes very intense, it is best to remove your accessories to avoid damaging them.

Bracelets of other Viking characters

You can also find on the site, different bracelets bearing the image of other characters and actors from the Vikings series.

For example, you can opt for the Rollo Viking bracelet in silver to add the Scandinavian touch that your look is missing. He is in fact Ragnar's brother, the one who fought alongside him despite the differences that arose between the two men. Reflecting this deep and loyal relationship, this bracelet allows you to mark your personality. It symbolizes the belonging you feel towards your family, even after many years.

Our site also includes bracelets bearing the image of Ivar, the son of Ragnar. This is an important character in the series who shows how difference can be a strength. The Ivar the Boneless Viking bracelet, for example, shows the strength and bravery of this character in the face of the different stages he experienced during his life. Unable to walk since birth, Ivar inherited his father's intelligence and even surpasses him in certain areas, notably war strategies. This bracelet then symbolizes the power of the human spirit in the face of diversity and also demonstrates that even if you are different, you can achieve many things. This bracelet can be worn with sober outfits like black or gray. Everyone can wear it, women as well as men, but the complexity of this accessory lies in its harmonization with other pieces of clothing.