top 40 idées déco intérieur viking

Top 40 Viking Decorations for the Home

In this top 40, discover the best Viking decorations for your interior. Whether to decorate your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom . We certainly have something to satisfy you.

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Curtains from the Yggdrasil tree

Yggdrasil Tree Viking Curtains


The decoration is several elements that you must associate in order to have a harmonious rendering of your interior. Are you a big fan of the Nordic style? Opt for this Yggdrasil Viking curtain to adorn your windows. This legendary tree that supports the nine kingdoms will be perfect for decorating a minimalist, chic or Scandinavian style interior. Connect with the Viking world with the Yggdrasil tree printed in polyester fabric. Available in black with white print or white with black print, this pair of curtains will be perfect for any admirer of northern culture. This tree, which signifies the protection of the world, will know how to protect you from the first rays of the sun in the morning.

Curtains of the god Thor

Viking God Thor Curtains


Are you looking for the key element of your Scandinavian decoration? How about this pair of curtains with the image of Thor brandishing his famous hammer Mjolnir? Printed in black and white on polyester fabric, this representation is a symbol of victory and agility. The presence of lightning around the Mjolnir hammer also underlines the power of the god of thunder. The Scandinavian motifs around the image make it easy to recognize this Viking deity. Moreover, the latter symbolize the protection of the gods. This pair of curtains will easily adapt to an interior with a Nordic or Scandinavian style.

A cover of the god Odin

Blanket Odin


Decorate your bedroom with this Viking Odin bedspread. It represents the father of the gods accompanied by two wolf heads, powerful symbols in Norse mythology. Odin is the son of the prince of Aesir and the giant Ymir. He is married to Frigg and lives in Asgard, in the pantheon of Norse gods. Odin is the ultimate symbol of might and power. He is often associated with the god of war and his blessing always brings victory to the clans he protects. This bedspread will be perfect for adding a touch of fantasy to a fairly sober and classic interior. The patterns printed on Sherpa fleece blend perfectly into a Scandinavian decor. In addition, it is available in several sizes.

An Aegishjalmur blanket and Viking symbols

Aegishjalmur Blanket


Do you want to decorate your room in an original theme? Are you looking for the key piece for your bedroom to reflect your personality and your passion for Norse mythology? Opt for this Viking Aegishjalmur bedspread in Sherpa fleece fabric. A symbol of strength, power and invincibility, Aegishjalmur is also a lucky charm. This is the sign of the warrior which is most frequently used to attract victory in a clan. This black bedspread with a light gray print will be perfect for bringing a Scandinavian touch to your bedroom decor.

Helm of Awe Blanket

Helm of Awe Blanket


Do you appreciate Nordic symbols and want to decorate your bedroom in Viking style? Go for this viking helm blanket from Awe. This is a powerful symbol that is made up of an eight-armed circle, also known as the symbol of Vegsvir. Keep warm with this soft touch blanket and enjoy the invincibility of the Helm of Awe during the long winter nights. It is made with Sherpa fleece fabric and is available in different sizes. Its black and gold color fits in harmony with a fairly sober interior. It can be used as a main element for your decoration or can be embellished with wall arts or curtains.

A Yggdrasil duvet cover for your Nordic bed

Yggdrasil Duvet Cover


Cold weather won't defeat you again with this Yggdrasil viking duvet cover. Supplied with two pillowcases, this duvet cover is perfect for accentuating the Nordic side of your bedroom decoration. Yggdrasil is a powerful and iconic symbol in the world of the people of the north. It is a gigantic ash tree that connects the worlds of Asgard, Midgard and Niflheim. With this duvet cover, you will be so warm that you will have dreams in which you will join the gods in Valhalla for endless parties. The nine worlds tree printed in yellow and green on the entire duvet is the original touch you needed to complete your decor.

A Viking Cushion Ouroboros (Jormungand who bites his tail)

Ouroboros Cushion


Decorate your living room or bedroom with a Scandinavian style by opting for suitable accessories. This Viking cushion Vegvisir and Ouroboros representing two powerful symbols in Nordic culture add a hint of mystery and a more spiritual dimension to your interior. Made with quality polyester and available in several sizes, this cushion can go with a minimalist and lightly loaded decoration. It is machine washable for easy care. Let the symbolism of the Vegvisir guide you like a compass and the Ouroboros, which signifies the infinite cycle of life, flood your home with balance and alchemy.

A viking cushion of the night

Nocturne cushion


Opt for this nocturnal scene Viking cushion with shades of blue to complete your decoration. It fits perfectly into a colorful or sober interior and can be placed on the sofa, on a divan, a chair or even on your bed. This personification of the night represented by the goddess of Norse mythology, Nott will direct your steps in the darkness so that you can see the light of day, like this goddess on her chariot as she rides around the earth. The cushion is available in several sizes and is machine washable. Attract the protection of the goddess of the night by adding this pillow to your home decor.

A cushion representing a Nordic Bear

Cushion Viking Bear


If there is an essential accessory to bring a personal touch to your interior, it is a cushion. It is both practical since it allows you to support your back in order to cushion the shock, but also serves as a decorative element in its own right depending on the style you want to adopt. This viking bear cushion is ideal for highlighting the strength, courage and bravery you show. The power of the Scandinavian bear floods the house and allows you to add a mystical touch to your decoration. Available in several sizes, this cushion made of polyester is machine washable.

A cushion for a Nordic decoration

Nordic Decorative Cushion


This black cushion with golden prints will be perfect to highlight your passion for Norse mythology. It brings together several symbols and runes to reflect the very essence of a Nordic decoration. You can find there for example the symbol of the Vegvisir compass which has long guided sailors and explorers in their quests. Surrounded by the branches and roots of the world tree Yggdrasil, the symbolism of the designs on this cushion represents both the protection of Odin and his blessing. You can also find on these drawings, important Scandinavian runes in the Nordic civilization.

An original lamp of the god Odin

God Odin lamp


Bring a new dimension to your interior decoration with this Viking Odin lamp. This decorative element brings together both modern design and traditional features through the image of Odin which lights up. The representation of the father of the gods is made of different Scandinavian motifs which only reinforce the Nordic dimension of this lamp. It can also go in your bedroom next to your bed or in the living room to be a decorative element that is design, functional and practical. This lamp will make them jealous once they are well integrated into your home.

Vegvisir Viking Lamp

Vegvisir Viking Lamp


Are you a fan of Nordic culture? Opt for original decorative elements for your interior. This Viking Vegvisir lamp is for example a must have in a Scandinavian decoration. Opt for the modern side of this lamp and the symbol it represents. You can completely install it in your bedroom or in the living room, it is according to your preferences. This lamp is a perfect idea as a gift. The Vegvisir symbol is important for the Vikings since it represents a guide so as not to get lost and not to take wrong paths.

A Valkyrie Wall Stickers

Valkyrie Wall Stickers


You want to change a little decoration, but you don't want to redo your painting? Opt for these Viking Valkyrie stickers to adorn your walls. Whether in the living room or in your bedroom, this design brings an elegant Scandinavian touch to your interior. It is perfect for placing just above your headboard or sofa. This decal can go with any wall color, except black of course. Show your love for the brave female warriors of Valhalla with this wall decor.

A Viking Raid Wall Stickers

Viking Raid Wall Stickers


Have you always dreamed of riding in a Drakkar? As a big fan of the Vikings series that you are, you will be won over by this wall decoration representing a Viking boat. This viking raid sticker is perfect to show your passion for Scandinavian culture directly on your walls. This sticker allows you to redo your decoration and adapt it to your tastes, without having to get your hands dirty with paint. Easy to hang and lasts a long time, this wall decoration will make your friends envious. It can hang on the wall of your bedroom as well as in the living room.

A Viking North Compass Wall Decal

North Compass Wall Stickers


Add this viking north compass sticker to your interior decoration to mark your passion for Scandinavian culture. It is composed of the Yggdrasil tree, the Vegvisir compass and other pillar symbols of Nordic civilization. The tree signifies the connection between the different worlds existing in the Viking myth and the compass represents a guide that will always help you find the right path. Applied to the wall of your living room, this sticker brings a touch of fantasy to your decoration. And when you want to go for a new style, you just have to tear it down. It is as quick to put on as it is to take off.

A wooden Valknut wall decoration

Valknut Wooden Wall Decor


Do you want to bring a mysterious dimension to your home? Are you a big fan of Nordic culture and these symbols? Here is a perfect decorative element for the exterior and for the interior to hang wherever you want. This Viking Valknut wall art is perfect for decorating your walls or fences. Made with Iroko wood, this sculpture depicts the Valknut symbol, a strong image associated with the warriors of the god Odin. It is made up of three interlocking triangles which can also signify the sacredness of body, soul and spirit. In addition, this design also symbolizes the three norns who weave the web of destiny. The nine sides of the triangles show the nine worlds, pillars of Norse belief.

A wooden wall decoration representing the bow of a Drakkar

Dragon Prow Wall Decor


Like the dragon that adorns the heads of Viking ships, decorate your home with an original and authentic piece by opting for this Viking wall art Proue du dragon. This mythical animal has long been central to Norse belief. For example, it is used to decorate the prows of longships to frighten enemies and for clans to recognize each other during sea voyages. A symbol of strength, ferocity and perseverance, this dragon also represents Jormungand, the sworn enemy of Thor whom he fought during Ragnarök. Made of Iroko wood and varnished with a 100% eco-friendly wax finish, this sculpture can decorate your interior and exterior walls very well.

A decoration representing the Wolf Fenrir in wood

Fenrir Wolf Wall Decor


The wolf is one of the emblematic animals of Viking culture. It has an important place in Norse myths and symbolizes strength, courage and power. Want to decorate your home with a Viking theme? Opt for this fenrir wolf viking wall art. It will be perfect at the entrance of your home and even outside since it is made with the noble essence that is Iroko wood. In addition, its 100% ecological wax finish gives it a durable and weather-resistant property. Add to your collection, this representation of the son of the god Loki. It represents pure ferocity and will be the first thing your guests will notice when they invite themselves into your home.

A wall decoration of the god Thor

Thor Wall Decor

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Finding decorative elements and accessories to perfect the style you want to bring to your home is not always an easy task. To make it easier for you, here is the Viking wall art Thor, a depiction of the god of thunder in all his glory. He is proudly drawn standing on his Drakkar, ready to face the darkness and above all, his greatest enemy Jormungand. Thor holds his hammer Mjolnir with which he manages to tame lightning and lightning. This design symbolizes the strength and conviction the god Thor displays as he braves the storm for his epic final showdown.

A wall decoration of an Einherjar face with his helmet

Einherjar Helmet Wall Decor


Did you know that the Vikings attached particular importance to their appearance? However, this is not always how they are described when they are really very attached to their physical appearance. The helmet is an integral part of the armor of warriors and this Einherjar viking helmet wall art will be perfect for decorating your home. This accessory can be hung outside thanks to its vegetable wax finish. Made of Iroko wood, this ornament is made to last for many years. The helmet is worn by the Einherjars, the best and most valiant warriors of Odin's army. They gain access to Valhalla at the end of Ragnarök0 through a valiant death.

A Norse Sword Wall Decor

Viking Sword Wooden Wall Decor


Do you want to bring an elegant touch to your interior by adding an original element? This Nordic sword viking wall art is perfect for decorating the walls of your home. And if you wish, you can hang it outside since it is weatherproof thanks to its vegetable wax finish. It will be perfect to accompany a stone wall to accentuate the traditional side of your decoration. The sword is of paramount importance in the battle dress of a warrior. It is this weapon that allows him to fight his enemies and die valiantly to have a chance to join Valhalla.

A wall rug depicting Hugin, Odin's raven

Hugin Raven Wall Rug


Are you looking for decorative items that are always original and with an extraordinary touch? Adorn your walls with this Hugin Viking Wall Rug. This tapestry represents the drawing of the crow of Odin, one of the familiars of the father of the gods. It is ideal for perfecting your interior decoration. It hangs on the living room wall to bring a mystical dimension to your Scandinavian style, but can just as well decorate the wall above your headboard to underline your attachment to Nordic culture. Hugin the Raven is surrounded by ancient ruins, important symbols in Viking mythology.

A wall rug representing the Nordic tree of life

Yggdrasil Wall Rug


A wall rug is a decorative element that allows you to bring a personal touch to your interior, without having to make many modifications. It can hang on your living room or bedroom wall depending on the style you want. Opt for this runic tree viking wall rug to bring a Nordic atmosphere to the room. The Yggdrasil tree of life is the connection threshold between the 9 pillar worlds of Viking belief. It symbolizes the life of all beings and it is thanks to this tree that Odin was able to discover the Runes and their power, which he then transmitted only to humans living in Midgard.

A 100% Viking wall rug

Viking Shield Wall Rug


Runes have a special importance in the world of the Vikings. They were a gift from Odin who gained knowledge of them after hanging himself for 9 days and 9 nights on the tree of life. Each rune has a meaning and sound depending on the object, animal or quality it represents. Are you a big fan of Norse culture and do you know how runes count for the people of the North? Opt for this viking runes and shield wall tapestry to complete the decoration of your living room or your bedroom.

A viking warrior skull statuette

Statuette Viking Skull


Do you attach importance to details when it comes to decorating your home and are you a great admirer of mythical objects? This Viking warrior skull statue will be ideal to complete your decoration. It symbolizes the powerful and virile warriors who fought in every battle against the enemy clans. This skull-shaped statue can be placed on top of a fireplace to bring a mystical atmosphere to your decoration. You can also use it as a decor for your bedroom. It can be placed wherever you want, depending on the style of your home.

Statuette of Fafnir to put his keys

Fafnir statuette keychain


Opt for original pieces to give a new style to your interior. This Viking Fafnir statue and his treasure is perfect as an empty pocket or to store your keys so you won't lose them. Thus, it can be placed in the aisle, on a piece of furniture near the door. You can also use it to put precious objects and can replace a jewelry box. Nothing also prevents you from putting it on your coffee table to perfect your interior decoration. Placed strategically in front of the fireplace, this piece will bring an original and unexpected touch to your decor. It depicts Fafnir trying to protect the treasure he obtained by killing his father King Hreidmar.

A statue of Fafnir of stone decoration

Fafnir stone statue


Are you looking for unique pieces to decorate your home? This stone Viking Fafnir statue will be perfect for the top of your fireplace. It can also be placed in your bedroom or be a key part of your collection of Nordic and Scandinavian objects. It depicts the son of King Hreidmar who has transformed into a serpent-like dragon to protect a treasure that is dear to him. Indeed, this treasure was offered to his father in return for the death of his son at the hands of Loki, Odin and Hoenir. This time the representation takes the form of a very cute baby dragon so that it can bring warmth into your home.

A Norse Drakkar Viking decoration

wooden viking boat decoration


Decorate your home with never-before-seen items with this wooden Viking ship. It represents the Drakkars that the people of the north have long used to cross seas and rivers to conquer distant lands. Legend has it that they always came back with great loot after each of their raids. This wooden boat brings a rustic touch to your interior and will be the envy of all your guests. Adventure comes to life in your living room with this decorative item once it's proudly displayed on your mantelpiece, above your entryway table, or just on the coffee table in the middle of the living room. living room.

Wooden viking statuettes decoration


Do you want to build a collection of Scandinavian and Nordic objects? Opt for these complete pack viking statuettes as the first element of a large collection. They represent a Viking family comprising men, women and children ready to engage in combat. If the big people took part in the fights against the enemies, the little ones were trained to handle the sword, the ax and the shield in order to constitute the succession. Made of high quality teak wood, these statuettes will be perfect to bring a rustic touch to your decoration.

A Viking keychain statuette

Viking Keychain Statuette


Do you love Nordic objects and want to adapt your decoration to your passion? Opt for this Viking keychain statuette to embellish your interior. It will be perfect as an empty pocket to put on a piece of furniture at the entrance. In this way, you will always know where your keys will be and you will not spend a lot of time looking for them. This statuette represents a Viking soldier with a skull, who lost his life in battle. It can also be used as a jewelry holder to put your rings, necklaces and bracelets right after you get home.

A vinyl Drakkar Viking clock

Drakkar vinyl clock


Decorate your home in an original way by opting for this Viking Drakkar clock. Made primarily from recycled vinyl, this clock is environmentally friendly. Its balancing mechanism is silent and of high quality. You can find through its forms, the famous ship of the Viking warriors that they used to cross the seas in order to conquer other countries and fight the enemies of the surrounding countries. Never miss an appointment again thanks to this original clock and add a new style to your interior decoration by hanging this wall clock in your living room.

A Yggdrasil Tree Clock

Yggdrasil Clock


Yggdrasil, the tree of life has central importance in Norse belief. It represents the strong connection between the 3 worlds: Asgard, Midgard and Niflheim, pillars of the Viking worlds. Available in two models: with or without a frame, this clock will be perfect for bringing an original touch to your decoration. Its black and gold colors adapt to any style of interior. Never be late again and trust the Tree of Life to guide your days. This clock can be placed in the living room, in your bedroom or at the entrance to decorate your home.

A Vegvisir clock

Vegvisir Viking Clock


Are you a big fan of Norse mythology? This Viking Vegvisir clock will be perfect for your decoration. It represents the compass that the Vikings used to orient themselves in their era. It is considered to be the object that shows the way for brave warriors so that they do not get lost and arrive safely after long days of battle and march. Its eight branches show the cardinal points and end with different symbols. These have been reproduced to make this clock to give you an original decorative object. Waste no more time installing this functional and decorative accessory in your home.

A painting of Björn the Terror

Painting Viking Björn the terror


Bring a new dimension to your decoration by opting for this Bjorn the Terror Viking painting. It shows Bjorn the son of the famous warrior Ragnar, seen from behind, the last survivor of a long battle with the enemies. This painting has a special meaning depending on the person looking at it. It can show a soldier returning proudly home after being the last on the battlefield, a valiant warrior going to face an ultimate combat or even, the image of Bjorn Ironsides joining Valhalla after having fought with honor his enemies.

Painting Viking Warrior

Painting Viking Warrior


Show that you are proud to belong to a Viking community by hanging this painting in your home. This Viking Warrior painting consists of a drawing showing a Viking helmet and two axes. The latter are indeed a weapon of destruction that the people of the north have long used as a sword during battles. Fearsome warriors dedicate their lives to battle and are proud to die to join Valhalla. Indeed, it is only after a valiant death that they can access this realm and celebrate and celebrate endlessly with the gods and other valiant warriors.

A vintage style painting representing a Drakkar

Vintage Longship Painting


Adopt minimalist decoration with this vintage Viking longship painting. The drakkar is the name of the boats used by the Vikings to navigate the sea and conquer other lands. The pastel blue color used for this painting is perfect for fitting into a vintage and fairly classic decoration. Its fine, clean lines are perfect for matching a minimalist interior. This painting is made of cotton canvas, which allows you to keep it for a long time. Like longships made from light wood to be easily transported on land, this painting will bring a touch of lightness to your interior.

A Viking Valknut painting

Valknut Viking Painting


Hang this norse trinity viking painting in your living room, dining room or bedroom to decorate your home. This is a reproduction of the Valknut symbol, a figure made up of three joined triangles. It signifies the close relationship between the soul, the spirit and the body which constitute the human being. This symbol also represents the 9 worlds including Asgard, Midgard and Niflheim which are the pillars of Viking belief. It is usually associated with the god Odin to signify valor and liberation of the soul. This is an old Norse symbol that has a special place in the Viking religion.

A Viking Vegvisir painting

Table Vegvisir


The Vegvisir compass is used by Viking warriors and men to orient themselves and find the right route home. It is also an artifact that protects travelers so that they do not get lost during a trip. Do you want to add an original and meaningful decorative element to your interior? Choose this Viking Vegvisir painting for your living room, dining room or bedroom. It will remind you that you will always arrive safely after your travels. This painting can be embedded in a subtle way in any type of decoration.

A "See You In Valhalla" Wall Stickers

Valhalla Viking Wall Sticker


Show that you are proud to be a viking with this viking see you in Valhalla sticker which literally means "find me in Valhalla", to apply to your car, a piece of furniture or your wall. It goes where you want it as long as you don't mind letting everyone see you're a Viking. This sticker is perfect for adorning any type of wall and car, but it will only have to match the color. Being waterproof, this sticker is perfect for outdoor use.

A wooden wall decoration of Hugin and Munin crows

Hugin and Munin Wall Decor


Odin, the god of gods has different familiars that help him watch over all 9 worlds. Among them, Hugin and Munin are crows that represent memory and thought. According to Norse mythology, they travel the 9 worlds to observe and then report what they have seen to Odin in order to help him rule justly and equitably. Opt for this Hugin and Munin Viking wall art to bring an original touch to your decoration. Made of high quality Iroko wood, this wall art is customizable, you can choose the size you want to hang in your living room, dining room or bedroom.

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