idées de Cadeaux Vikings pour un Anniversaire

Top 20 Viking Gift Ideas for a Birthday

In this article, discover the best Viking gift ideas for a birthday .

A bracelet from the Ragnar Lothbrok clan

Ragnar Lothbrok Bracelet


Make your friend, colleague or one of your family members who is a Viking fan happy by offering him this magnificent Viking Ragnar Lodbrok bracelet on the occasion of his birthday! This article is an original and exceptional gift idea by highlighting the King of Kattegat, who was originally a farmer. Silver or gold , this bracelet goes with any type of arm and outfit. It has a width of 7 cm , is adjustable and is designed with stainless steel materials. This is a beautiful reproduction of Scandinavian history to mark allegiance to Ragnar Lothbrok.

A Mjöllnir necklace, protection of the god Thor

Thor Mjollnir Pendant


Treat your loved one to Thor favors by giving them this Viking Mjöllnir necklace as a birthday present! Very original, this article allows him to obtain full power. Moljnir is actually the legendary magic warhammer in Norse mythology. It is used by the Viking god Thor, as mentioned frequently in popular culture, books and movies. Followers of Asatru wear this type of pendant to symbolize their faith. This amulet of the god Thor is made of stainless steel . It is carefully worked according to the Nordic style. Its chain is 70 cm long , which is perfect for an adult's neck.

A Viking Ax Keyring

Viking Ax key ring


Wow your friend or family member on their birthday with this Viking double-edged ax keychain ! The ax is a very common weapon for traveling warriors. Each of them has this equipment made of wood, which can be designed specifically as a dangerous tool of war. This keychain is an eco-friendly accessory for men and women, which reproduces this Nordic culture. It is made of zinc alloy and has a total length of 11 cm . With its unique charm, this item is perfect for a Viking series fan's birthday gift .

A Berserker Symbol Keyring

Berserker Symbol keyring


Surprise your loved ones on their birthdays with a unique and exceptional gift! It is possible by choosing this Viking Berserker keychain. With this creative item, your friend, spouse or colleague will no longer lose their keys. It is an original accessory for men and women, red in color and equipped with a gray chain . The key ring proves to be perfect for car or house keys while enhancing their appearance. It highlights the god Odin in Norse mythology, to ensure its owner protection by bringing luck and neutralizing curses or bad energies.

A Portfolio with Nordic values ​​(viking trinity)

Viking Trinity Wallet


Looking for a unique gift idea for a birthday? And if you choose this Viking Trinity Wallet . This item features the Valknut pattern, the symbol of the true Viking, which is very important in all Nordic religions and cultures. The whole is surrounded by runes of protection. The Valknut or the trinity actually represents both the roots of the Yggdrasil tree of life and the values ​​of the true Viking. This special Nordic leather wallet can protect money and bank cards ( RFID ) while benefiting from self-confidence, courage and perseverance.

A French style Valknut wallet

French Valknut Wallet


Let your friend or close relative immerse themselves in Nordic culture by giving them this Viking French Valknut wallet on their birthday. It is a lightweight accessory, design and class, made of genuine leather. It features a red Valknut motif, a very popular symbol in Viking culture, known as the 'Knot of the Dead' or 'Knot of the Fallen' in German mythology, as well as a small French flag. The Valknut French Viking mini wallet measures 10 cm by 7 cm . Several colors are available according to your needs. This item is well suited for birthday gifts.

A Viking Skull Mug

Viking Crane Mug


Cheers to all or “Skal” in the Viking language! Moreover, this is what these Scandinavian looters shouted when they had just drunk their beer during festivals, commemorations or banquets. This Viking skull mug also makes a one-of-a-kind gift idea for your loved ones birthday. She will accompany them to drink their beer or other favorite drinks like a real Nordic Viking. Inspired by the most epic sagas of Vikings, the cup has an imposing size to accommodate a large glass of your drink. It is made of high quality stainless steel and resin .

Ragnar Style Viking Mug

Mug Viking Ragnar


Get inspired by Norse mythology by choosing this Viking Ragnar mug for a loved one's birthday! Scol! – Health in the Nordic language! This large mug inspired by Scandinavian culture is perfect for toasting with friends or for having a delicious hot coffee every morning. Customized by talented artists, it is adorned with a Viking-themed motif, King Ragnar Lothbrok. According to legend, he is a Danish warrior of the 9th century, renowned for his exploits. This Viking Ragnar mug is perfect as a birthday gift for collectors. It is made of stainless steel and high quality resin .

A Viking drinking horn

Viking drinking horn


To the health of heavy drinkers or "skal" for the language of the Vikings. Good traveling warriors avoid all risk of thirst. To be able to follow in their footsteps, gift your loved one, friend or co-worker this Viking drinking horn . This authentic accessory is perfect as an original birthday present to immerse yourself in Nordic culture. It is well suited to accompany a convivial meal with loved ones. This superb and stunning drinking gear is crafted from horn to ensure unmistakable style. Added to this is its large capacity of 500 ml , which will make your friends jealous.

A Gotland damascus steel ax

Ax Viking Gotland


Protect yourself like a true Scandinavian warrior with this Viking Gotland axe ! This equipment is very recognized in the Viking Age, as a tool and weapon. This model is inspired by the style of Gotland, a legendary place. It is a Scandinavian island, which lies in the Baltic Sea near Sweden, inhabited by Nordic pirates. The sharp blade of the weapon is made of carbon steel and damascus steel , the head of which is marked with a cross. As for the handle, it is made of ash wood. This ax is perfect as a birthday gift idea to make the recipient a true Nordic. A leather sheath is included .

A fist "Axe" - useful for cutting pizza

Viking Pizza Cutter


One of your friends or family members likes original and exceptional objects? Give him this Viking fist ax (stainless) for his birthday to complete his collection! This small ax is suitable for cutting food in the traditional Viking way. There's nothing nicer than being able to cook using a real Nordic axe, a perfect alternative to a pizza cutter . This hatchet is distinguished by the curved shape of its stainless steel blade. It is easy to wash and requires little maintenance. No more need to use classic knives, this hatchet inspired by Scandinavian culture is much more practical.

A Valknut and Wolves Viking Cushion

Cushion Valknut and Wolves


Enrich your Nordic decoration collection with this Viking Valknut and Wolves cushion ! This item is also suitable as a birthday gift idea to grant Odin's protection and loyalty to your loved ones. Inspired by Viking culture, this pillow features symbols of the King of Asgard's mark, consisting of Valknut accompanied by his two wolves named Geri and Freki . Also called the knot of the Occis by its three intertwined triangles, the Valknut symbolizes strong protection. It recalls courage, self-confidence and death, for the case of the warriors killed. The cushion is made of polyester material, machine washable .

A Cushion with the Wolf of Ragnarök

Ragnarök Wolf Cushion


Let yourself be tempted by this Ragnarök Viking Wolf cushion to improve the comfort of your seat! This article is also an ideal birthday present for lovers of original and unique objects, or simply passionate about Norse mythology. In this culture, wolves remain important animals. Aside from Odin's companions Geri and Freki, Fenrir is recognized as the giant wolf who triggers the end of the world or Ragnarok. This time, it will decorate your magnificent cushion made of polyester material to protect you from curses. A wide variety of sizes are available to suit all needs.

A Valhalla Cushion

Cushion Valhalla


This Viking Go To Valhalla cushion is a perfect accessory to dress up your bed or add more comfort to your sofa. It is as if you are proudly taking part in the battle for a place near Odin in this place where the brave deceased warriors called the Einherjar are deposited. Personalized by artists, these Viking-themed cushions are made of quality polyester material and available in several sizes. They are perfect as a birthday present to invite your loved one into a Nordic atmosphere, to die proudly in battle to be taken to Valhalla.

A wooden decoration of the Wolf Fenrir

Fenrir Wolf Viking Decoration


Decorate the interior of your home in a unique and original way with this magnificent Viking Wolf Fenrir wall art ! It is a beautiful work of craftsmanship inspired by Nordic culture. This highlights the wolf Fenrir, the most ferocious creature and the greatest calamity of the Vikings. This wall decoration is hand carved in high quality Iroko wood , with finishes in completely ecological natural wax . It is customizable and available in several sizes. That's why the Viking Wolf Fenrir wall art shows itself as a good birthday present for your loved one.

USA style wooden skull decoration

Wooden decoration Skull USA


Looking for an original gift idea for the birthday of a friend, co-worker or family member, opt for this magnificent Valhalla American Skull Viking Wall Art ! This high quality Iroko wood element is perfect for decorating the interior of a home or bar. It will certainly appeal to all lovers of Norse mythology. "See You in Valhalla ou rendez-vous au Valhalla" is a motto of Viking warriors and what is written on the forehead of the metal style skull. Added to this is an American flag to bring to mind the 100% biker style of the United States.

A Viking Warrior statue to paint

Viking statue to paint


The Vikings are above all Nordic warriors from the Scandinavian region. Accustomed to looting and raiding defenseless monasteries or coastal towns, they are sometimes judged as barbarians, pirates, wicked, etc. But this people is also made up of brave fighters with extraordinary power. If Nordic culture inspires you, this Viking Warrior (unpainted) 1/24 scale statue is sure to interest you. It is made of resin and features a real Viking warrior as a statuette, which also makes it perfect as a gift idea on the occasion of a birthday.

A statue of the Jarl to be painted

Jarl statue to paint


Show your friend, co-worker, spouse or other family member this magnificent Viking Grand Jarl statue (unpainted) ! Passionate about Nordic Viking culture, he will certainly be delighted to receive an original gift for his birthday, unlike any other. This 1/32 scale statuette honors a great Viking jarl, which means "count" today. Note that this people has a fairly simple hierarchy. This resin Viking motif is to be painted according to taste and fits perfectly into a collection of Nordic decorative objects. This article also makes it possible to beautify the house.

A Viking Skal (Health) Vinyl Clock

Beer vinyl clock


Do you like to decorate your interior with the Viking style? Carry on the beautiful Norse tradition of wishing 'good health' and exclaiming 'Skal' with this Viking Skal clock ! In fact, these traveling warriors used to drink cervoise (current beer) from the skulls of their rivals after battles. This habit also takes effect during the holidays. The vinyl- style clock sits in the middle of two beer mugs and has a diameter of approximately 12 cm . It works according to the quartz movement, precisely and silently. A model equipped with LED lighting makes it possible to see the time even in the dark. This article thus makes an excellent birthday present.

A leather bracelet with an ax decoration

Viking ax leather bracelet


Do you have a friend or colleague who is a true Viking in blood? Give him this Viking ax leather bracelet as a gift on his birthday! It is a leather bracelet, with an axe-shaped clasp, which actually marks the origin of these warriors. The latter have preferred since their existence to wear this significant jewel. Adorned with their common weapon, the accessory becomes even more important to this legendary Norse people. Its gray and black color matches any style and outfit. The hatchet is made of zinc alloy . This leather bracelet with Viking ax is ideal in all circumstances.

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