Top 20 des Cadeaux sur la Série « Vikings »

Top 20 Gifts on the “Vikings” Series

Queen Astrid's Corset

Queen Astrid corset


Show off your shape at a party with this Queen Astrid Viking corset ! This is a leather, polyester and spandex Norse Raider Warrior model with simple designs. It is perfect for the disguise of Scandinavian pirates. According to an unsubstantiated legend from the Icelandic saga of Hervor and King Heidreks, Queen Astrid Njalsdotter of Skjalgaätten is the daughter of the Norwegian nobleman . She is therefore a Swedish queen of Norwegian origin. This Queen Astrid Viking corset is both light and comfortable, and is suitable for all events. This is what makes it ideal as a birthday present.

The Ax of Ragnar Lothbrok

Ax Ragnar Lothbrok


Dress up your home the Norse way with this Viking Ragna r axe ! This weapon is very common in the historical battles of the Vikings. But this meticulous artist's work is a reproduction, perfect as an original birthday gift idea. Ragnar Lothbrok, a Danish jarl and semi-legendary warrior , uses this same style of ax in his battles. This hero was able to travel the West first and discover England in the Vikings series. This model has a curved blade in carbon steel and damascus steel , as well as an ash wood handle representing patterns of sea waves.

Ragnar's Clan Bracelet

Clan Ragnar Bracelet


Do you want to show more admiration to Ragnar Lothbrok, the famous strong and endearing Viking warrior? This Ragnar Lodbrok bracelet , which symbolizes this king of Kattegat, is made for you. This descendant of Odin is considered the greatest deity in Norse legend. Highly recognized in this culture, he managed to sail west to discover new lands. In the Vikings series, the bracelet is used to define obedience to Ragnar Lothbrok. It is made of stainless steel . Its silver or gold color easily matches your arm and your outfit. Its width is adjustable .

The Bracelet of Warrior Lagertha

Bracelet Lagertha


Do you like the warrior Lagertha, known for her beauty and charm? Discover this women's bracelet that can illuminate your Viking femininity! The women of Nordic culture are surely the most beautiful in all of Europe. This Lagertha bracelet, with the image of her shield and her banner, allows you to awaken the spirit of war that lies within you. It is made of zinc alloy and matches any outfit. The length of its chain is adjustable according to your handle. This accessory is ideal for any occasion, which makes it a good birthday present for your loved one.

Lagertha's Army Ring

Lagertha Ring


Give your significant other this Viking ring by Lagertha on the occasion of your wedding anniversary! This article is ideal for lovers of Nordic culture, and especially if you particularly like the shield warrior. Lagertha is actually the most popular fighter in the Vikings series. This beautiful ring made of tungsten represents this strong and highly respected woman. It dazzles you at first sight thanks to its touch of bluish finesse . It is an ideal gift for your wife's birthday or that of a loved one. The ring matches other jewelry and your outfit.

A T-shirt in honor of the great Ivar

Ivar t-shirt


Dress classic and urban while evoking your epic streak with this Viking Ivar T-shirt ! It is a round neck cotton T-Shirt for men, decorated with humorous and retro pattern, to fully immerse you in the Nordic feeling. It is an original and unique birthday gift idea for Viking lovers. The T-shirt is marked "Team Ivar". By wearing it, you are already part of Ivar's team the Valhalla Vikings, the Boneless of the North , leader of his small group of brothers. It is a fashionable garment, which highlights the shape of the wearer.

Viking biker-style leather jacket

Viking Army Leather Jacket


Grab your ax and shield, and join the Army of the North! You will fight with the most famous warlords (Ragnar Lodbrok, Ivar Ragnarsson or Ubbe) by putting on this pretty Viking leather jacket Armée du Nord . This garment recalls the incredible progress of Ragnar Lodbrok, the descendant of Odin, the greatest deity of Viking legend. It makes a good birthday present for those who dream of becoming real Vikings and is well suited for taking motorcycle rides. This genuine leather jacket can cover the body to rush into battle, a common occurrence among these Scandinavian raiders. It enhances your shape, but is also ideal for certain sports.

The Björn Team Bracelet

Bjorn bracelet


Join the clan of Ragnar Lodbrok's son by wearing this Viking Bjorn bracelet ! This is a beautiful Celtic bangle bracelet, which you can find on Bjorn ironside's wrist in the Vikings series. It marks the success of a group of Norse warriors around the end of the 8th century until the middle of the 11th century, led by one of the most fearsome Vikings of all time. Adorned with the head of Fenrir , this bracelet demonstrates membership in his clan. It is made of stainless zinc alloy , a guarantee of hardness and robustness, which is perfect as a birthday present to enjoy the protection of Bjorn.

The Björn team T-shirt

Björn t-shirt


Get the protection of a valiant Viking warrior with this Bjorn Lothbrok Viking T-shirt , featuring the image of Ragnar Lothbrok's first son. This is one of the most recognized and adored characters in this Nordic series. Represent this very popular warrior by wearing this magnificent T-shirt which represents his image and no one will dare to compete with you. It's written: "Team Bjorn" to immediately include you in his clan. Also called Björn Ragnarsson or Bjorn Ironside, this king of Kattegat stands out for his intelligence and determination. Giving this garment as a birthday present to your loved one is a real success.

A clock with the effigy of the two brothers

Ragnar and Rollo Clock


Show the time the Norse way with this Viking Ragnar & Rollo clock ! Not only is this accessory very practical to stay in time, but also represents both the two recognized warrior brothers of the Vikings. Rollo is the mighty warrior and older brother of Ragnar, who is the semi-legendary king. The vinyl style clock stands out with this fantastic dial. It has two versions, with or without LED light . This privilege allows you to watch the time even in total darkness. Do not hesitate to offer it as an original birthday present for Viking legend enthusiasts.

The Rollo statue for model makers

Rollo statuette to paint


Impress your loved one by giving him this unpainted Viking Rollo statuette as a birthday present. This decorative object brings this main character from the Vikings series into vogue. It is perfect for your friends, colleagues or family collectors or to decorate your home according to the Viking spirits. This brother of Ragnar Lodbrok is widely recognized as a formidable and fierce warrior. His role is still important in Viking legend. The statuette is made of resin in a 1/24 scale . You can paint it as you wish. It's an original gift idea, to make your property a real warlord.

The Ragnar Tee

Ragnar t-shirt


Buy this Viking Ragnar Lothbrok T-shirt and become the true hero of the Vikings series! Among the most popular characters in this Norse legend, this warrior started out as a farmer, before becoming Jarl of Kattegat, and later Viking king. He married the warrior Lagertha and later the femme fatale Aslaug. This beautiful silky cotton T-shirt is designed with the image of this legendary character. It has a classic square cut to fit your curves perfectly and represent your strength. This item of clothing is a daily basic and matches any outfit. Ideal for an exceptional birthday present!

Jarl Haraldson's Ring

Jarl Haraldson Ring


Opt for this Viking Jarl Haraldson ring to keep the presence of this first chief of Kattegat in the Nordic series! This is a gold and silver style ring, worn by this clan leader. Give such a piece of jewelry as a birthday present to your friend, family member or co-worker so that everyone will respect it without hesitation. It is a ring made by hand by artisans with tungsten material . It easily matches your outfit and other jewelry. This magnificent ring allows you to rule your clan with an iron fist.

The Ring of Hvitserk

Hvitserk Ring


Wear this Viking Hvitserk ring to represent your favorite hero from the Norse series! Yes, it's the same legendary ring that Hvitserk Ragnarson, the navigator and son of Ragnar in the French language, wore in Viking. It is very appreciated for its beauty. Unique in its kind, this ring is made from Tungsten , one of the rare metals, recognized by its stainless , imperishable and easy-to-maintain characteristics. It looks like it came from the seabed with its delicate bluish color. For lovers of Nordic culture, this accessory benefits from protective properties. Do not hesitate to offer it as an ideal gift for a birthday!

The King's Viking T-shirt!

Viking Ragnar the King T-shirt


Be the absolute commander of your clan with this Viking Who wants to be king T-shirt ! This is an original Norse warrior themed garment. The setting is based on Ragnar's return to Kattegat after many years of exile, which is not well liked by his sons except Ivar. Faced with this situation, he yelled, "Who wants to be the king?" but no one had the courage to face the real king of the vikings. Manufactured in Cotton , this Viking T-shirt Who wants to be the king is very comfortable and highlights your curves. It makes an excellent gift idea.

The Legendary Necklace of Athelstan

Athelstan Necklace


Immerse yourself directly in the mind of the great king Ragnar Lothbrok with this Viking Athelstan necklace ! This person is very well known in the series and has deeply marked the enthusiasts of this culture. The jewel immerses you without pity in the Viking culture, its manners, its customs and its religion. Besides, it is the same cross-shaped necklace of Athelstan, a monk from the monastery of Lindisfarne who became friends with the Jarl and King Ragnar Lodbrok. This pendant is made of stainless zinc alloy and has a significant value. In fact, it marks the opening of Scandinavian looters to Christian cultures. Encourage your loved one to stay open-minded by giving this T-shirt as a gift.

The statue of Lagertha, warrior with a shield

Unpainted Lagertha statuette


Decorate the interior of the house the Nordic way with this Viking Lagertha statue (unpainted) ! Ideal as a unique birthday gift, this item highlights the ultimate Viking warrior, one of the series' most important, experienced and respected characters. It is well suited for collectors. The bust figurine is made of resin in a 1/24 scale . Paint it yourself according to your desires to impress your guests. Seduce your loved one by offering it as an original gift for an exceptional moment. This statuette to paint Viking Lagertha is a unique decorative element inside your home.

Viking t-shirt by Gustaf aka. Floki in Vikings

Gustaf Viking T-shirt


Give your loved one as the perfect birthday present this Gustaf Skarsgård Viking T-shirt , very famous thanks to his role as Floki the builder of Drakkars and warrior in this hit series. It is a Swedish actor, the son of actor Stellan Skarsgård, who plays this Viking warrior and friend of Ragnar Lothbrok. According to Norse mythology, this name means Flóki to the Crows. He is the first Nordic navigator, who voluntarily exploits Iceland. Your Gustaf Skarsgård Viking T-Shirt is made of cotton with short sleeves . It highlights your shapes. It is well suited for sports, short walks and various other events.

Floki's legendary gaze t-shirt

Floki's Eyes Viking T-Shirt


Discover the beauty and quality of this Viking Regard T-shirt by Floki ! By wearing this classic and comfortable piece of clothing, you display these Viking regalia with pride and natural charm. This garment showcases a main character in Vikings Seasons 1-4. Floki is actually an iconic character in the series, the shipbuilder and traveling warrior. He is very appreciated thanks to his slightly crazy, atypical and endearing character. You won't easily part with her looks with this silky cotton T-Shirt , available in black or white , ideal as a birthday present.

Jarl Borg's Ring

Jarl Borg ring


Jarl Borg is in the Viking series the Jarl of Götaland, who is the head of power in a village south of Kattegat. This man is both the most powerful and important in Götaland in Sweden. This Viking Jarl Borg ring recalls the importance of this legendary character, Ragnar Lodbrok's true rival. This ring makes a good birthday gift for the more adventurous traveling warriors. It is made of stainless steel and Tungsten , a solid and unalterable material. This format harmonizes easily with all jewelry and outfits. With this Viking Jarl Borg ring in hand, everyone will respect you.

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