Les Meilleurs Cadeaux Vikings pour la Fête des Pères

Top 20 Best Viking Gifts for Father's Day

Father's Day is June 20 , but you don't know what to get your beloved Viking dad yet. No problem, we can guide you through our very wide range of men's products.

So here is a Top 20 of the best gifts to give your dad for Father's Day . + 1 Bonus at the end of the article!

1. A Sterling Silver Bracelet for a historic gift

Solid silver father's day bracelet

What dad hasn't dreamed of having a sterling silver bracelet? You feel its weight on your wrist and this is how you recognize the Scandinavian quality of our ancestors.

This gift is ideal for all Viking dads who love beautiful things.

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2. A Ragnar Lothbrok Ring for a legendary dad

ragnar lothbrok fathers day ring

Ragnar was a semi-legendary Viking. We don't really know if he existed but what is certain is that he marked Viking culture forever.

If you have a Viking dad, chances are Ragnar is one of his favorite characters.

He fought the greatest battles, discovered new lands and even laid siege to cities like Paris!

This Ring is ideal for a Viking style thanks to its black color and its raw appearance which of course recalls this legendary warrior...

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3. A Discreet and Elegant Ax Style Bracelet

fathers day ax bracelet

Both simple and minimalist , this bracelet is ideal for Father's Day. It remains quite discreet while having a very Viking touch.

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4. A bodybuilding t-shirt for a sporty dad

men's bodybuilding t-shirt

Does your dad love sports? He does bodybuilding and likes to surpass himself? This t-shirt will suit him perfectly. With an aggressive style of true warrior, it shows that the person who wears it goes after his ambitions . Nothing stops him.

Ideal for Father's Day and a dad that nothing can stop.

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5. A Signet Ring for a True Head of Household

fathers day viking knight

In a Nordic style, this wolf is the representation of the clan. The family clan which is sacred and very important in Norse culture.

To offer to your favorite dad to strengthen the bond that unites you.

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6. A Björn Bracelet for a fearless dad

Bjorn bracelet for dad

This bracelet was given to Björn when he was accepted as a man in the Vikings series. But it also represents the union and the bond that holds between members of the same family. Available in Gold and Silver versions.

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7. An Ouroboros Bracelet in reference to Norse mythology

Father's Day Ouroboros Bracelet

Ouroboros is the name given to the Jormungand snake when it bites its tail. It is a mythical reference from Norse mythology.

Indeed, it is said that the serpent Jormungand, being small, was thrown into the sea surrounding the world of men (Midgard) by Odin. Thereafter, the snake began to grow ever more until it could surround the world of Midgard and be able to bite its tail.

It is also said that during Ragnarök, he will come out of the sea to ravage the world of men.

This bracelet is a symbol of power attached to our arm that reminds us how precious life is.

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8. A mythological T-shirt for a mythical dad

Father's Day Viking Mythology T-Shirt

On this t-shirt, you can see many animals from Norse mythology .

First of all the wolves Skoll and Hati, who are the masters of time because they are the ones who make the sun and the moon advance by chasing them until the end of time.

We also find Hugin and Munin who are the two crows of the god Odin.

This t-shirt is perfect for a Norse mythology fan dad .

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9. Beard rings for a bearded dad

Baber rings for daddy

What could be better for Father's Day than beard rings for a bearded dad ?

Engraved with Viking runes, these rings will give it a certain Nordic style.

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10. An Odin Sweater for a Guardian Dad

Men's Odin sweater

For cool evenings or winters by the fire, you absolutely need a 100% Viking sweater.

On the back is printed this face of Odin watching the men from the top of his tower in Asgard.

It is ideal for a guardian and protective dad who always has an eye on his children.

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11. A Viking mug to drink your coffee in the morning

Viking Mug for Father's Day

What could be better for a dad than to wake up in the morning with a coffee ? This mug takes up the Viking style with its axes, the beard and the Viking skull that are present there.

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12. A statuette of the god Odin to paint yourself

Statue to paint Odin

Vote dad loves to tinker or draw ? This personalized gift will certainly make him very happy.

After a meticulous assembly, this statuette must be painted with patience and rigor. But once the final result is achieved, it is a satisfaction that is worth all the gifts in the world.

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13. The real Mjöllnir necklace that all men love (especially dads 😊)

Father's Day Mjollnir Necklace

It is essential to the collection of a real Viking dad.

The Mjöllnir necklace is the most popular and most ordered jewelry.

Mjöllnir is simply the hammer of the god Thor, protector of men . It is said that nothing stops his strike because this magic hammer is super powerful. Moreover, once launched, it returns by itself to its launcher.

It is the reference weapon in the Nordic world and its symbolism is of course power, protection and power.

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14. A strength bracelet for beefy dads

Men's viking strength bracelet

A slightly biker or even punk style to recall the youthful years of your favorite dad.

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15. A Norse Aegishjalmur Necklace for Eternal Protection

Aegishjalmur necklace gift

This Viking necklace uses the symbol of the Aegishjalmur . It is said that at the time of the Vikings, they tattooed it on their foreheads in order to impress their enemies...

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16. An Asgard Sweater for a super dad

fathers day asgard sweater

Comfortable and pretty, these are the ingredients of a great sweater for a Viking dad. Taking up the symbols of the world of the gods (Asgard), this sweater is a very nice gift to offer on Father's Day .

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17. A Valknut Signet Ring for Viking Values

Valknut signet ring for men

The Valknut is the symbol of Nordic values. Courage , loyalty , strength , all those things that are so important in Viking culture.

Your dad will love wearing it.

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18. A Direction Valhalla Wall Carpet for a superb decoration

Drakkar bedroom decoration wall rug

A desire to redecorate your dad's bedroom or living room ? This wall rug uses Nordic codes. A drakkar surrounded by runes goes to Valhalla, the paradise of the Vikings.

Something to proudly affirm its belonging to the culture of our Scandinavian ancestors.

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19. A Björn pendant for a daddy bear

Viking bear paw pendant

Björn Ironside was a fearsome warrior . It is said that he fought a bear with his bare hands. Ideal for a daddy bear !

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20. An Ivar Bracelet for a style from Hell

Father's Day Ivar Bracelet

Ivar, often considered a Berserker, was also a formidable warrior. Although unable to move on his legs, he still led the great army into England and Ireland to conquer new territories.

Son of Ragnar, he also later became a legend spoken of in many ancient stories.

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BONUS: A complete Viking version Beard Care Kit!

Father's Day Viking Beard Oil Kit

Dads love their beards. Give them the opportunity to take care of it with a 100% Viking kit.

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