Opération Ragnarok

Operation Ragnarok

Updated on 14/10/2022

Do you know the best time to do business as a Viking?

Let us introduce you to Operation Ragnarok .
This takes place randomly twice a year .

During this period of 5 days , the forces of evil will try to attack Midgard and the world of the Asgard gods.

The Wolf Fenrir alongside the serpent Jormungand and the goddess Hel will lead the armies of giants and evil forces against the free world.

However, we are not alone!

We can count on the army of real Vikings ready to cross swords to defend their loved ones and their lands.

Take advantage of a 15% discount on your entire order during these few hours . (with code "RGK22")
To prove that the Viking community is still here and strong!

From 3 items in your basket , you can even take advantage of the "founder" discount with the code "RAGNAROK" (20% discount on your entire order)!

Bjorn can't wait to see you join our ranks, dear Viking!

Will you be up to it?

End of the operation this year: 20/10/2022 at 11 p.m.

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