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Viking Bracelets: Their Meaning & History

In Norse mythology as in the history of Viking culture, Viking bracelets have a meaning of their own. Indeed, we often found these jewels in leather, silver, stainless steel, chain, pearl, copper and even sometimes in tattoos!

Each of these Norse bracelets was marked with a symbol with its own name. In this article we will discover their meanings whether it is with regard to the bracelet of the Fenrir wolf, the Ragnar clan, the Dragon , the Vegvisir , the helm of Awe or the hammer of Thor for example. But above all, let's start with the story in order to understand the rest.

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The History of Viking Bracelets

History of Viking Bracelets

Since the dawn of time man has worn jewelry for different reasons. But we'll see that for the Vikings, they used it quite cleverly.

The materials most used to forge bracelets were :

  • steel
  • money
  • gold
  • The copper
  • Amber
  • The bronze

They were often accompanied by ornaments and details. Their quality of finish was impressive because we find traces of them today in several Viking sites in Scandinavia (Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark,...). The qualities and manufacturing methods vary depending on the region.

The sizes found suggest different ways to wear them. Indeed, these varied between 5.8cm and 8.5cm in diameter .
Historians therefore believe that the bracelets were worn both around the wrist and on the upper part of his arm . Some even, because of their size, could be worn around the neck.

These had an importance as a decorative element but also to display the wealth of its owner . This is for both men and women.

Since most bracelets were made of silver , it is believed that they were also used as currency in order to trade. Indeed, most of these bracelets were simple. It was simply a strip of silver folded over on itself with pointed ends. This is for the majority of bracelets. But there are others.

Thus, for example, we find more complex bracelets found in Denmark or Gotland (island of Sweden). These were spiral-shaped and twisted.
The most complex were made of gold and silver intertwined in a twisted form.

The meaning of the bracelets is therefore above all a mark of power and wealth. In the Viking civilization, there were indeed several social classes, the richest of which were the noble jarls and kings. They therefore wore many Viking jewels and bracelets.

But that's not all. Indeed, we found bracelets with symbols like Thor's hammer, dragon heads or Fenrir wolf heads, signs of the Aegishjalmur, and many others. We therefore deduce that these bracelets beyond their market value, had protective and sacred virtues linked to the Viking culture. They were therefore not only for decorative purposes and that is what we are going to see now.

The Dragon Head Bracelet

The dragon has an important place in Norse mythology . Indeed, we find him as an enemy of the gods on several levels. It is connected with hell and death. But is also the symbol of eternal glory for the heroes who dare to face them.

There is also the famous sea dragon, the Jormungand , who will be Thor's enemy during Ragnarok.

Dragon Head Bracelet

The Viking dragon bracelet is therefore the symbol of the Viking warrior who knows how to command respect and unleash his fury wisely.

It is also a dragon head bracelet that was given to men when they were old enough to join the clan and go on an expedition. You can find Ragnar Lodbrok's bracelet on our shop.

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Dragon Bracelet Meaning

The Fenrir Wolf Bracelet

Famous creature from mythology. The wolf Fenrir is the son of the god Loki . It is the most destructive creature in the universe and the Viking worlds. Ideal for extraordinary strength and ferocity. Your place will be reserved in Valhalla with such jewelry.

We offer two ranges of Fenrir bracelets :

  • First of all the popular Fenrir bracelet flexible in zinc alloy for maximum solidity. This is the entry level.
  • On the other side, we offer a wolf head bracelet for the more ambitious which is more upscale.

The Vegvisir Bracelet

The Vegvisir is the Viking's compass . It is a symbol allowing man to find his bearings and never lose his bearings. Ideal during the battles of life to make room for any test. It brings security and good fortune.

We offer these bracelets in the form of a cuff to ensure better adaptability to your wrist.

Vegvisir Viking Bracelet

The Runic Bracelet

Runes have many benefits . They can repel bad vibes, evil spirits and above all provide protection from the gods.

They are the ancient and sacred language of the vikings and it is certainly the most reliable way to connect with the gods.

bracelets of the gods

On our shop, you will find many bracelets, each with their own meaning . We invite you to discover them in order to learn more via the descriptions.

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