Comment avoir une Barbe Viking ?

How to have a Viking Beard?

Growing a Viking-style beard is one of the hottest trends right now. We imagine it a bit like Ragnar Lothbrok, with a certain length. But having a nice Viking beard is not always easy. We just explain to you here how to have the beard of your dreams.

The beard, a real symbol among the Vikings

Beard in the Vikings

If today a close shave can be synonymous with cleanliness, a few centuries ago, the beard had a completely different symbol. Among the Vikings (as among the Gods), the beard represents strength, power, virility . It is a symbol of the passage from childhood to adulthood .

For Norse warriors, wearing a beard is also a way of scaring the enemy . To look fiercer. Although for some of them, the beard is still trimmed to a reasonable length . A Viking beard does n't have to be long , bushy and unkempt. Remember that these peoples took good care of their hygiene. So to grow a beautiful Viking beard, you have to know how to mix patience and regularity.

Growing a Viking beard, a story of several months

Viking Beard Accessories

To adopt a Viking style, you let go of your razor and your electric trimmer. At least once after having shaved everything, to start the growth on a blank face. Then, there is no need to shave every week as before, quite the contrary. We start by letting his beard grow up to 10cm.

To know

A beard grows an average of 1.3cm per month . So if you start from scratch, it will take you between 6 to 10 months to get a 10cm long beard.

The first weeks of growth may be complicated. But this phase is decisive for the final result, so we do it correctly. With hair growth, itching may appear. To calm them down, it's out of the question to shave everything! We just keep patience and take care of our skin .

The small daily gestures to adopt to take care of your beard

Growing a beard requires a lot of maintenance. Proper care begins in the shower. Using a specific shampoo, different from a hair shampoo, is essential.

But the new beauty routine to adopt does not stop there. From now on, it is essential to hydrate the face . From the third week of growth, we forget the moisturizer (which will no longer pass through the pores) and we switch to beard balm . This adapted treatment makes it possible to soften the hair and moisturize at the same time. To discipline it, then, it is brushed with a beard brush or a horn comb. A choice.

To have a beautiful beard, we don't leave it fallow

Grooming Viking Beard

If it is difficult to properly trim your beard when you want to let it grow, you still have to get started once the first month has passed. For a perfect cut without removing the entire length, the best thing is still to go to the barber .

There , the professional will determine your face shape and beard shape that suits you best. Because of Viking beard styles , there are loads of them. We talk about it a little further down in the article.

A good diet or taking supplements, essential for a nice beard

Viking Organic Foods

And yes, to have a beautiful beard, it is also played on the plate. Certain foods will be able to help its growth , or even strengthen the hairs. Nuts are part of the list, since they provide the dose of minerals necessary for good hair growth. Eggs will provide good proteins, such as vitamin B8. As for the minerals useful for the production of testosterone, which plays a key role in beard growth, they are found in grapes . Apart from these foods, fish , chicken , beef , and potatoes are also thought to be put on your plate. In short, you have understood, if your diet is already balanced, no need to worry about it.

It is also possible to take food supplements, which, in sufficient doses, will provide all the nutrients your beard needs.

How to thicken your beard?

thicken his viking beard

If some are lucky enough to have a naturally full beard, for others, it's more complicated. So to thicken it quickly, a few tips should be followed. And finally, we have already told you almost everything just above.

First thing : eat a balanced diet . Avoid sweets and junk food if you don't want to end up with weak and brittle beard hair. To improve the health of the hair, it is also possible to obtain food and vitamin supplements. On the same note, it is essential to offer a healthy lifestyle. We sleep well , we play sports , and we stop smoking and drinking too much alcohol .

And finally, his beard (and the skin of his face in general), we take care of it. It is important to cleanse and moisturize your beard on a daily basis, using a special lotion or oil . In the shower, same refrain: to wash your beard, you use a specific and revitalizing shampoo.

If you follow all of these tips, your beard should thicken over time. But you still have to be patient...

The different styles of Viking beards

Viking beard styles, there are dozens. But not all are suitable for everyone. So depending on your character, your style but also the shape of your face, you will have to choose the beard that suits you.

  • The classic Viking beard : Long, bushy and wild. This is how we could define the Viking beard par excellence. In general, it measures between 8 and 15cm long.
    Classic Viking Beard
  • The Garibaldi beard : It measures up to 20cm long and keeps a slightly neglected style. However, this beard is rounded under the chin and the mustache is trimmed, for a neat look.
    Garibaldi Viking Beard
  • The Ducktail beard : This beard is both natural and sophisticated. Neither too short nor too long, it ends at the level of the chin in a “duck tail”.
    Ducktail Viking Beard
  • The braided Viking beard : On a long beard, one or two braids can immediately bring a very Nordic style. And to play it even more Viking, we add beard beads in silver, bronze or wood.
    Braided Viking Beard

What type of beard to choose when you are bald?

Bald Viking Beard

When we flaunt a smooth and bare skull, absolutely all beard styles suit us . A pointed goatee will lengthen the face and mark the lines. A short bushy beard will highlight the jawline. And the very long beard will bring a more daring style.

Either way, a beard over a bald look brings a pretty severe style. Enough… Viking! If you want to soften this, then opt for the 3-day beard instead, which will give a much more relaxed style.

How to adopt a whole Viking style?

The beard is not enough for you and you want to adopt even more the style of the warriors of the north? So it's in the haircut that everything is played. Exit the pretty haircut with 4cm long hair. To look like a Viking (or almost), let your hair grow at least to the shoulders. Once done, we leave them loose or we tie them in a bun. Another possibility: shave everything. Yes, the zero ball was fashionable long before Zinedine Zidane…

You now have all the keys in hand to adopt the Viking beard . A zest of patience, a pinch of regularity and a lot of attention.

Here is a top 100 of the best Viking beards:

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