Angrboda : la géante de glace dans la mythologie nordique

Angrboda: the ice giant in Norse mythology

Angrboda is one of the best known and most influential female characters in Norse mythology. The ice giantess is none other than the mistress of the deceitful god Loki , with whom she designs the three horrible creatures: Hel, Jörmungand and Fenrir. She is therefore both the lover and the mother of those who are at the origin of the end of the prophetic world, the Ragnarök .

Who is Angrboda in Norse Mythology?

Who is Angrboda

Angrboda, whose first name means "she who brings sorrow", is an ice giant living in Jotunheim , the land of giants. She appears very little in the texts of Norse mythology and the information we have about her is rare.

Very often, the giantess is described as a humanoid creature of great beauty . A woman with long hair, the color of dried blood, and a muscular body. Far from the image of the giant that we imagine, with a horrible appearance with sharp claws and fangs, the physique of Angrboda is undoubtedly close to that of the gods. Its size, too. Since although giant, the latter is not necessarily much larger than the Aesir.

In the texts, it is also written of her that she is a fearsome warrior , capable of transforming into a wolf to fight. According to some, moreover, Angrboda could therefore be the leader of a wolf clan, and the mother of several wolves of her clan in addition to Fenrir.

Angrboda is also said to be a magician . And that she had great skills in shapeshifting and prophecy.

Where does the giant Angrboda live?

Jotunheim World of Giants

If Loki lives with the other gods in Asgard, Angrboda is in Jotunheim, the land of the giants . One of the stanzas of Gylfaginning reads: “A certain giant lives east of Midgard in a forest called Ironwood. In this forest live troll women called Iarnvidiur. »

Jotunheim , the giant world where Angrboda lives, is mostly made up of rocks, mountains, and forests . Very little fertile land exists there, so the giants feed there on fish and game .

Who are the evil children of the giantess Angrboda?

Angrboda children

Married to the deceitful god Loki - himself the son of an ice giant - Angrboda gives birth to three children , each as evil as the other:

  1. She first gives birth to Hel , the goddess of the underworld.
  2. Then to Jörmungand , the huge serpent growing in the ocean surrounding Midgard.
  3. And finally the wolf Fenrir .

The Gylfaginning mentions the three children of the giantess and the deceitful god. It is thus written: “With her Loki had three children. One was Fenrir, the second I örmungand, the third is Hel. And when the gods realized that these three siblings were brought up in Giantland, and when the gods made prophecies declaring that from these siblings great evil and disaster would befall them , then they all felt that evil was to be expected of them, first because of their mother's nature, but even worse because of their father's . »

The Asgardians have in fact absolutely done everything to ensure that the three creatures are out of harm's way . Hel was placed in the underworld. Jörmungand was thrown into the ocean of Midgard. And Fenrir was chained.

How does Angrboda die in Norse mythology?

Angrboda Ragnarok

No text reports the end of life of the ice giant Angrboda. On the other hand, it is very likely that she joined Loki's army during Ragnarök , and that she thus fought against Asgard.

And, would it be surprising if the latter wanted revenge for the treatment inflicted on her children for years by the gods of Asgard? Like many gods and creatures, Angrboda can be assumed to have died in the final battle . However, no writing reveals to us how and by whom she found her death.

Angrboda in contemporary culture

Angrboda Assassin Creed Valhalla

The giantess Angrboda appears in episode 10 of season 2 of the Viking series . Or rather: his first name appears. Indeed, the latter is given to the daughter of Floki and Helga , just born. The little girl is 3 years old in the following season, and unfortunately dies in season 4.

Angrboda is also found in the video game Assassin's Creed Valhalla .
As well as in the next installment of the God of War series.

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