Top 10 idées de Cadeaux vikings pour la Saint Valentin

Top 10 Viking Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Would you like to surprise your Juliette for this Valentine's Day? You can give her an original Viking gift that will win her heart.

Freyja viking ring (in solid silver)

Freyja Sterling Silver Ring

Opt for example for this Viking Freyja ring. Honoring the goddess Freyja, it symbolizes the divinity of the earth and fertility. This ring will bring love , freedom and power to your beloved.

In terms of design, it is decorated with two eagles . These birds mark supreme power in Viking culture. You will also find a beautiful blue stone. Practical, this accessory can be matched with any outfit and any other piece of jewelry. To find the corresponding size, do not hesitate to measure the finger with a ruler or a tape measure.


Celtic heart earring

Celtic Love Earring

Does your valentine love the Celtic look? You can buy her these earrings with a Celtic heart design for Valentine's Day . They have Irish and Norse finishes that give a perfect Celtic look. Silver, these dangling earrings can be worn for all occasions (evening, at work, for shopping, etc.).

A perfectly romantic gift, this piece of jewelry features a heart design fused with the Celtic knot symbol. It is elegant and design.

With its dimensions of 24 x 21 mm, it is neither too conspicuous nor too discreet. It is suitable for all facial morphologies. Besides, it is light. It weighs only 4.5g.


Bracelet Lagertha

Bracelet Lagertha

To delight your lover on Valentine's Day , give her this Lagertha bracelet. This is a bracelet with the effigy of the great Viking warrior with the shield, called Lagertha. This jewel features his clan shield and banner. By buying it for your other half, you can awaken the Viking warrior inside her .

This jewel is made from a zinc alloy. It is therefore resistant. It is also simple and elegant. It can be worn with any outfit, whatever the occasion.

Suitable for all women, this bracelet has a chain 12 cm long + 5 cm adjustable. There will be no size problem.


Munin Viking Hooded Blanket

Munin Hooded Blanket

Want to please your Jules for February 14? He will surely love that you give him this Viking Munin hooded plaid . Know that Munin is one of the two crows of Odin, the main god in Norse mythology. The other crow is called Hugin, which symbolizes thought. Munin, on the other hand, conveys memory. Every day, these crows fly around the world and return to their god to tell of those they have seen or heard.

With this Viking Munin hooded plaid, your companion will immerse himself deeply in this ancient world. Plus, it'll keep him warm . Make your choice, it is available in several sizes.


Jarl lady viking corset

Lady Jarl Corset

For Valentine's Day, you can charm your lover with this Viking Dame du Jarl corset . You can buy it and wear it for your evening for two. Designed with polyester and spandex, it adjusts well to your body . He will know how to highlight your shapes. Its red color and its patterns are very romantic .

In the Viking spirit, this corset is worn by a Jarl, a woman who occupies the same position as a chief. Today, it is back in fashion and everyone likes it.


viking hair beads

viking hair beads

It is very pleasant to give a gift to your wife on Valentine's Day. Choose hair accessories like these 20 Piece Viking Beads. Thanks to this amount, she can achieve different kinds of hairstyles. She will know how to reproduce the most trendy headdresses of Viking fashion .

These hair beads are gold and silver in color. They are very aesthetic. For comfort, they are lightweight. They can be worn for hours during the day with great ease.


Viking Skull Mug

Viking Crane Mug

This viking skull mug will make a good gift for both men and women on lovers' day . Very authentic, it is inspired by the greatest Viking sagas. With its pattern and design, you'll feel like you're drinking like a real viking. Don't forget to say Skal or health in the Viking language when drinking!

This cup has a large capacity of 600 ml . You can fill your glass well to drink your favorite drink. With a size of 20.5cm x 16cm, it can be stored neatly in the kitchen after use.


viking horn for drinking

viking drinking horn

Valentine's Day is coming, but you haven't found an original gift for your lover yet? You can order this viking horn for drinking. His authentic style will please him. It is made with strong and durable horn.

A good Viking should never be thirsty! With this 500ml horn , your valentine can drink the right amount of their favorite drink . It is ideal for having a good time with your friends and loved ones. Scal!


Ax Viking Gotland

Ax Viking Gotland

How about an authentic Viking decorative item as a Valentine's Day gift? This Viking Gotland ax will please your companion. It is inspired by the Gotland style , a Scandinavian island in the Baltic Sea, near Sweden. This island was inhabited by the Vikings. Exchanges with the other banks have taken place on this territory.

Hung on a wall, this ax with a length of 50.8 cm is imposing. It has a 12.7 cm long blade made of carbon steel and damascus steel and a leather sheath. With a weight of 1.23 kg, it will not weigh down its support.


Eivor Viking Shield

Eivor Shield

For Valentine's Day, give this Eivor Viking shield to your companion . It is a reproduction of the famous shield of Eivor, the hero of the game Assassins Creed Valhalla. It displays a blue and white color with paintings of black crows.

This shield measures 61 cm or 76 cm in diameter. It is great enough as a decorative object in the house. Made with wood and steel, it is sturdy . It will stay in good condition for years. Don't delay in ordering!


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