Top 10 Idées de Cadeaux pour une Femme Viking

Top 10 Gift Ideas for a Viking Wife

Do you want to offer a gift to your partner or your friend who is a fan of Vikings? You are in the right place. Here is a selection of 10 products that women love.

Viking earring - woman

Viking woman earring

A symbol of public honor for their husbands, earrings were favored accessories by Viking women. They also put them on to continue to please their spouse. Reproduction of Nordic culture, Viking earrings for women are real jewels of seduction .

Made of stainless steel , they represent Scandinavian culture with class. Wearing Viking earrings for women will transport the one you give it to into the world of Viking women. They accentuate the facial feature and highlight it. They convey a story through its elegance. Very fashionable accessories, they will sublimate their appearance.


Women's Viking Ring (Sterling Silver)

Women's Sterling Silver Ring

The shape of the Viking women's ring and the size of its stone add value to the hand of the warrior who wears it. For those who like to be noticed, this is the ideal gift that will impress . The huge stone of this ring is at the heart of all attention.

The women's Viking ring slips beautifully into the wearer's finger. It exists in two colors: pink and green which adapt wonderfully to every outfit. Symbolizing purity, it brings an atypical style to a fan of Viking culture.


Lagertha Necklace

Lagertha Necklace

Viking fan, who doesn't admire the strength and courage of the famous shield warrior? The one who goes into battle alongside men and who shows a specific interest in battles. Despite this aspect of a fighter woman, the wife of Ragnar Lothbrok is a very affectionate woman towards her loved ones.

The adventurous and ambitious side of Lagertha fascinates you? These characters, added to a touch of sensitivity , make Lagertha an extraordinary woman. The lagertha necklace perfectly reflects this personality. Its advantage is that it goes with any outfit and can therefore be associated with all styles.


Midgarden viking earring

Midgarden Viking Earring

Set off to conquer the land of men with the Viking Midgarden earrings. It is a jewel that will put men under control. Feminist and passionate about Nordic culture, these earrings reflect the personality of the one to whom you wish to offer them with splendour.

Midgarden Viking earrings are made of zinc alloy . In addition to being magnificent accessories for women, they bring Nordic history to life through their beauty . By wearing these earrings, the Celtic appearance of the person to whom you wish to offer it will be reinforced. These accessories will bring charm and elegance.


Eikthynir Viking Ring

Eikthyrnir viking ring

According to Norse legend, Eikthynir is a deer that delivers drops of water to all the rivers in the world through the ends of its antlers. The deer is an animal that embodies fertility, rebirth and dignity. By wearing the Eikthynir ring, your loved one will be able to reflect all these qualities together.

This ring symbolizes inner peace and makes the wearer feel it. It goes with all styles of clothing, but would be particularly perfect for a cocktail party. It is a jewel full of purity that brings peace of mind, fertility and renewal.


Vegvisir raven viking t-shirt

Raven Vegvisir T-shirt

The Norse compass emblem, known as the Vegvisir, symbolizes the protection of the gods . According to Scandinavian mythology, the crow is the mediator between the world of gods and that of humans. Wearing the Viking Crow Vesvigir T-shirt, you will always manage to achieve your goal. The image of the Valknut triangle is the insignia of the king of the gods Odin.

This T-shirt is made with a quality material, it will adapt to the morphology of the wearer. Why not give it to a Viking sports fan ? Odin's protection makes the Raven Vesvigir Viking T-Shirt an ideal gift for a lover of Norse culture.


Wooden viking statuette - Freyja

Freyja wooden viking statuette

Freyja, goddess of love and fertility, gives life to the world of Midgard and guarantees harvests. It ensures the good harvest of the Vikings, thanks to the offerings made by the latter. The wooden-Freyja Viking statuette is a piece of Viking decoration , as emblematic as it is particular.

Made of varnished wood, this statuette will make an ideal gift that will delight the recipient. To buy, it takes an average of ten days before sending. It is made to order by the care of a talented craftsman . The wooden-Freyja Viking statuette will magnify your altar of the Norse deity.


Viking Woman Braid Ties

Viking Woman Braid Ties

Apart from being fierce warriors, Viking women are also known for their remarkable beauty. They use jewelry to reflect their personality . However, they emphasize their hair style just as well. And not only the style, but also the accessories they use.

The hair tie is one of those accessories that make Viking women special. Do you admire the way they style their hair? Or do you have a friend who is a fan? Viking women's braid ties are waiting for you. You can replace them every day, as they come in packs of five .


Shield Viking Lagertha

Shield Viking Lagertha

Who is not in total admiration of Lagertha, shield warrior , wife of the famous Ragnar Lothbrok and indomitable queen of Kattegat? Want to embellish your interior with an atypical decor inspired by the Viking series? The Viking Lagertha shield will put your home in a Scandinavian atmosphere .

An original gift idea , the Viking Lagertha shield marvelously embodies the famous shield warrior. It is made of wood, steel and paint. Available to order in three to seven days, Lagertha's Shield is crafted by an ingenious craftsman. Go into battle with the iconic armor of the magnificent Lagertha Lothbrok.


Aegishjalmur Pagan Raven of Odin Pendant

Raven Odin Necklace

The Aegishjalmur Pagan is the strongest symbol of Viking culture. The latter provides protection against diseases and possible evils of the spirit. This image placed in the middle of the head of the raven of the king of the gods Odin, symbolizes the protection of memory and memories.

The Aegishjalmur Pagan of Odin pendant will sublimate the neck of the wearer. The length of its rope is perfectly adjustable, between 65 to 70 cm long. Made of stainless steel, this pendant goes with any kind of outfit. The protection of memories makes the specificity of this magnificent Viking-themed gift.


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