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Son of the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok , Ubbe Ragnarsson is a Viking warrior who lived in the 9th century. Leader of the great Viking army , who really was Ubbe Ragnarsson?

Who is Ubbe Ragnarsson?

Ubbe Clan Leather Bracelet

Ubbe Ragnarsson is one of the sons of the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok. According to the texts, his birth is noted between the year 750 and the year 800 , and his death around 878 in Devon (England). Legend has it that Ubbe was born out of wedlock, which nonetheless makes him one of Ragnar's heir sons.

Like his father and five brothers, Ubbe Ragnarsson is a Viking warrior . Along with his brothers Halfdan and Ivar , he is one of the leaders of the Great Viking Army.

Ubbe Ragnarsson and the Great Viking Army

Great Ubbe Viking Army

With the help of his two brothers , Ubbe Ragnarsson led the Great Viking Army into the Kingdom of East Anglia in 865 . Viking warriors wintered there before invading the Kingdom of Northumbria . Four years later, the Great Viking Army conquered East Anglia and killed King Edmund , now considered a martyr. If the sources do not necessarily associate Ubbe with this campaign of the great army, others, later, associate him on the other hand with the death of King Edmund.

Ubbe Ragnarsson is also associated with the martyrdom of Æbbe, an abbess of Coldingham killed by the Vikings in the year 870. According to myths, the abyss forced nuns to disfigure themselves to preserve their virginity from the oncoming Viking horde. Noses and lips were cut off, among other things. When the Vikings finally arrived, they were indeed repelled at the sight of these bleeding women. Ubbe and his brother Ivar would then have ordered to destroy the monastery and to kill Æbbe and his nuns .

How did Ubbe Ragnarsson die?

Ubbe Ragnarsson dead

In the year 878 , a Viking army found itself in Devon , England. While the texts do not name Ubbe directly, they describe the commander of this army as the brother of Ivar and Halfdan. It is therefore easy to assume that it is indeed Ubbe Ragnarsson.

At the Battle of Devon, the Viking army is defeated and its commander is among the many dead .

Ubbe Ragnarsson in the Vikings series

Ubbe Ragnarsson series Vikings

In the series Vikings , the character of Ubbe Ragnarsson has been portrayed by Jordan Patrick Smith since the fourth season. In short, when the Viking reached adulthood. Because indeed, Ubbe Ragnarsson appears for the first time in the second season. In the series, the Viking is shown as a gentle man with a genuine taste for diplomacy , although he also likes to kill and fight his enemies.

Today, the little that we know about Ubbe Ragnarsson can be found in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. But the mystery around the Viking warrior and son of the legendary Ragnar remains great .

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