Comment s’appellent les fils de Ragnar Lodbrok ?

What are the names of the Sons of Ragnar Lodbrok?

From his four wives , Ragnar Lodbrok had many children . Fourteen in all, according to La Geste des Danois and other literary sources. The Viking chief would therefore have had 2 girls against 12 boys . The “Ragnar with hairy braies” saga, on the other hand, gives him a completely different family: two wives and 6 children. Be that as it may, among the offspring of Ragnar , there are very great Viking warriors, many times cited in historical accounts for their exploits.

Ragnar's Popular Sons

Whoever they are, each of Ragnar's sons are like him : full of ambition. In turn, they all became real Viking warriors. Some go on expeditions, others lead the Great Viking Army.

Björn Côtes-de-Fer

Björn iron ribs

Björn Côtes-de-Fer would be the second son of Ragnar and Aslaug .

According to the Gesture of the Danes , he would rather be the fourth child of Ragnar and Thora .

Anyway, Björn would have been born in the year 840 . From an early age, he went on exploration, notably with Hasting, another great Viking, in 859. During the last part of his life, Bjorn became master of Uppsala and king of Sweden . And this until his death in 876 . Björn will undoubtedly have been the strongest of Ragnar's sons, hence his nickname by the way...

Sigurd Serpent's Eye

Sigurd Serpent's Eye

Sigurd Serpent's Eye is the son of Ragnar and Aslaug . He was born in Denmark, and also died there around 891 . It is his ouroboros in the pupil and his nickname that make him famous. But Sigurd is also and above all a very great Viking warrior. Very close to his father, Ragnar, he accompanies him on numerous expeditions. After the death of the latter, Sigurd continues to demonstrate his courage by founding the Grande Armée with his brothers , with the aim of avenging the assassination of their father.

Ivar Ragnarson

Ivar Ragnarson

Ivar Ragnarsson was born in 794 from the relationship of Ragnar and Aslaug . Like his brothers, Ivar is a great Viking warrior. He is also known to be a berserker. Either a “warrior-wild”. When his fury rises, his strength becomes supernatural and his exploits become awe-inspiring. Among these, we note in particular his fight against King Aelle , murderer of Ragnar. Historical and literary sources tell that once the king was captured, the sons of Ragnar subjected him to the worst of Viking tortures: the blood eagle .

Halfdan Ragnarsson / Hvitserk Ragnarsson

Hvitserk Ragnarsson

Halfdan Ragnarsson , also known as Hvitserk Ragnarsson , is the son of Ragnar and Aslaug . Partly at the head of the Great Viking Army around 865 , Halfdan is not the most leader of the siblings. This does not prevent him from going into battle and taking control of various territories. Neither to become very famous: indeed, the British currency will be struck with his effigy while he governs in London, around 871.

Ubbe Ragnarsson

Ubbe Ragnarsson

Ubbe Ragnarsson was born in 750 and died in 878 . According to the texts, Ubbe would be a child born out of wedlock. This does not prevent him from being one of Ragnar's heir sons. Like his father and brothers, Ubbe is a great warrior. He also leads the Great Viking Army, with two of his brothers. The Viking ended up dying, killed by the Saxons , in a final battle.

Ragnar's Shadow Sons

According to some historical sources, Ragnar Lodbrok had six more sons. Fridlev Ragnarsson, Rathbarth Ragnarsson, Agner Ragnarsson, Erik Ragnarsson, Regnald Ragnarsson and Witherc Ragnarsson . If we know their first name, it is however very difficult to know more about their life and their possible exploits.

Erik Ragnarsson is perhaps the best known of Ragnar's unsung sons. Also a Viking warrior, Erik -with his brother Agner- is known to have attacked the King of Uppsala whom his own father had installed in Sweden to govern in his name. In vain, since Erik is defeated. Rather than accept defeat, after being captured, Ragnar's son chooses to die.

What is Ragnar Lodbrok's genealogy?

Genealogy of Ragnar Lodbrok

Ragnar's Parents

Father : Sigurd Hring

Mother : Brynhild Budlasdatter

Ragnar's Children

According to the Gesture of the Danes According to the Ragnar saga at Hairy Braies
With Lagertha With Aslaug
  • Fridlevus Ragnarsson
  • anonymous girl
  • anonymous girl
  • Sigurd
  • Ivar
  • Bjorn
  • Hvitserk
With Thora Borgarthiort With Thora Borgarthiort
  • Rathbarth Ragnarsson
  • Dunwat Ragnarsson
  • Sigurd Serpent's Eye
  • Björn Ironside
  • Agner Ragnarsson
  • Ivar Ragnarson
  • Halfdan Ragnarsson
  • Erik Ragnarsson
  • Agnar Ragnarsson

With Suanlogha

  • Regnarld Ragnarsson
  • Hvitserk Ragnarsson
  • Erik Ragnarsson
With the daughter of Hesbernus
  • Ubbe Ragnarsson

Ragnar's Grandchildren

From Sigurd

  • Harthacanute
  • Aslaug

By Bjorn

  • Eric II Bjornsson
  • Refil Bjornsson

From Ivar

  • Sichfrith Ivarsson
  • Sigtrygg Ivarsson

Ragnar's great-grandchildren

From Aslaug

- Sigurd the Deer

Ragnar's great-great-grandchildren

From Sigurd the Deer

  • Gutstorm
  • Ragnhild Sigurdsdatter

If Ragnar is a semi-legendary Viking warrior , his children, on the other hand, would have indeed existed . At least for the most part. However, the texts do not always affirm the same facts, and it remains difficult to affirm with precision the lives and exploits of each of them.

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