Black Friday

Black Friday 2021 Deals

-40%, -50%, -60% - It's possible!

You can indeed combine the promotions already present on our products and apply promo codes in addition to that.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a holiday that takes place once a year . During this last Friday of November , the biggest promotions of the year take place.

This is the best time to do good business. Indeed, this only happens once a year, for 24 hours.

Tradition from the United States , we wanted to participate so that our customers can know when is the best time of the year to take advantage of the best prices .
The answer is simple: it's during Black Friday.

Our Black Friday offers

In order to bring together the best deals , we have created a collection of all our discounted items.

You can find our promotions here .

Here is an overview :

You can also directly find our bestsellers .

Here is an overview :

Promo codes

During Black Friday, we also offer promo codes to save even more.

Here are two promo codes :

1. Extra 20% off - CODE: BLACKFRIDAY

2. 25% extra discount (only from 3 items in your shopping cart) - CODE: BLACKVIKING

To find out more :


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