Vegvisir : signification de cette boussole nordique

Vegvisir: Meaning of this mysterious Nordic Compass

Discover Vegvisir's compass , an ancient symbol of guidance and protection . Compass with eight branches of Viking runes, it is still today considered a spiritual emblem.

The different names of Vegvisir

Vegvisir viking compass

Commonly known as the Compass of Vegvisir , the Vegvisir is also called the runic compass or even the Viking compass .

An ancient and sacred Norse symbol , it served primarily for navigational purposes during the Viking Age.

Sources mentioning the Vegvisir in the story

manuscript of huld vegvisir

Two historical sources mention the Vegvisir :

The Galdrabok , first. The Icelandic grimoire appeared in the 1600s. In its pages, the compass is explained as a guide for the wearer . It is noted there that the compass of Vegvisir had to be drawn with blood, on the face of the individual, so that this last can be guided and protected.

The Viking Vegvisir compass next appears in the Huld Manuscript , which appeared in 1880 and was compiled by Geir Vigfusson. The Vegvisir is mentioned there as a symbol of guidance and protection . On one of the pages of the manuscript, it is noted: " Beri maður stafi þessa á sér villist maður ekki í hríðum born vondu veðri þó ókunnugur sé ". The translation would therefore say that if an individual, or a boat, bears this sign, then it will never lose its way , even if the latter is not known.

The meaning of the 8 branches

Meaning 8 branches vegvisir

Vegvisir's compass has eight branches of Viking runes . Eight very different branches, therefore representing different types of protection. Each of them has a symbol, composed either of circles, lines or dots.

It is also said that four of its branches represent the cardinal points : North, South, West, East. The other four inter-cardinal points . The story also tells that by putting a nail in the center of the Nordic compass, the wind rose will give the direction to the Vikings to take so as not to get lost at sea. And this thanks to the position of its shadow at certain hours of the day.

Still others claim that each branch of the Vegvisir represents one of the 9 Viking worlds , with Midgard at the center.

The meaning of the viking compass symbol

Symbol of protection vegvisir

The symbol of the Vegvisir is similar to that of the Helm of Terror – or Aegishjalmur – despite some small differences.

The Viking compass is the symbol of protection , facing the adversary, and the symbol of the guide to never lose your way. It comes from the word Vegur , which means Road; and from the word Visir , which means Guide.

The Vegvisir in pendants, bracelets and jewelry

In the Viking Age, in addition to being drawn on ships, the Vegvisir was depicted on clothing and jewelry . On amulet necklaces, for example, or leather rings and bracelets.

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Symbolism today

Nowadays, Vegvisir's compass is the symbol of Icelandic culture . An ancestral spiritual symbol much more than a geographical guide.

For those who wear it, the compass would allow them to remain relaxed in the face of complicated situations and to avoid panic attacks. It would help the heart to make the right decisions in the face of the various stages of life. In short, a real talisman of protection.

Vegvisir tattoos

vegvisir tattoo

If the Vikings firmly believed in the power of Vegsivir, many still today remain convinced of it. So to reassure themselves, it is now on the skin that men engrave the Viking compass rose .

And, who knows, this symbol will ultimately really help them make the right choices at each stage of their lives.

Discover now a photo gallery of vegvisir tattoos .
Among these you will find:

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  • Vegvisir tattoo on the forearm
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  • Vegvisir tattoo man and woman
  • Chest Vegvisir Tattoo
  • Vegvisir bicep tattoo
  • And many others,...

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