Signification de la Triquetra : Nœud de la trinité celtique

Meaning of the Triquetra: Celtic Trinity Knot

Fans of television series or video games, you have probably already seen one or more Triquetra here or there. In the soap opera Charmed, and the famous Book of Shadows. In the Vampire Diaries series or in the game Assassin's Creed. But what are the origins of this Celtic knot, and above all, what are its symbols ?

The Trinity knot, also known as the Triquetra, is a true symbol of Celtic culture . Over time and religions, its meaning changes.

What does the Triquetra look like?

Triquetra symbol

The trinity knot has three corners . As the Latin translation of the word Triquetra indicates. The syllable "tri" means "three", and the syllable "quetrus" means "angle". And these three angles, precisely, are formed by the fishes vesicae . Or more simply three warhead loops, linked together by a line that never breaks. These three loops can be accompanied by a circle in their center, especially in Christian culture.

Why the number three?

Triquetra number 3

Because the number three has always been important in many religions . It represents both the three stages of life , the three elements , the three periods of time , and many more.

According to some representations, we note the presence of the golden ratio in the Triquetra. If, of course, it is built according to the principles of sacred geometry.

Origin of the Celtic Trinity Knot

Triquetra history

The date of appearance of this symbol is unknown. However, the Trinity knot already appeared on Indian sites more than 5,000 years ago . The Celtic knot was notably visible on stones from Europe from the 8th century, as well as on Germanic coins . In the 9th century, the Triquetra appears on the Book of Kells , among other decorative illustrations. From the 15th century, the Triquetra was used as a decorative object . The knot is, for example, affixed to jewelry or in manuscripts .

For centuries, the creation of the trinity knot is attributed to the Celtic people. Without any proof of veracity.

The different symbols of the trinity knot

The Triquetra is versatile and its symbols are numerous, depending on the times, countries of origin, religions or beliefs of each. Each people finally attributed to itself the symbol that it wanted to see there.

  • The Triquetra for Christians

The Celtic knot symbolizes the Holy Trinity for Christians . The father, the son and the Holy Spirit are represented by each of the three corners. To this, Christians add a circle, in the center, symbolizing eternal life or fertility. For Christians, the Celtic knot appeared with the monks, who brought this symbol back with them when the Celts converted to Christianity.

  • The Triquetra for Norse Pagans

Pagan peoples also like to claim the Celtic knot as their own. The Triquetra is a symbol of protection among the Nordic peoples. It is also very similar to the Valknut , a symbol comprising three triangles and being associated with the Norse god Odin.

For the Neo-Celtics, the Triquetra represents the three elements : earth , air and sea . For neo-wiccans, the Celtic knot is a symbol of the triple goddess : the virgin, the mother and the crone. It can also be the symbol of father, mother and child.

Many other meanings have been given to the Celtic trinity knot. Some say that its three corners represent the lunar phases. Others say they represent the forces of nature: earth, fire, water. And still others imagine them as the three stages of life. But in the modern world, the Triquetra remains for many a symbol of good luck and protection against evil .

Cultural use nowadays

Viking Triquetra Necklace

Today, many are interested in their Celtic past. The use of the Celtic knot is therefore diverse and varied today. We find this symbol on jewelry , such as triquetra necklaces or bracelets . A pendant in the shape of Triquetra is also a gift to offer to his or her partner as a symbol of love, honor and protection . Or as a symbol of eternal love .

The Triquetra is also affixed to clothing, or directly to the skin, as a tattoo.

Triquetra tattoos

We have prepared a selection of Triquetra tattoos for you through this short video.

Find the one that suits you best and let us know in the comments!

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