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Fenrir: The Giant Wolf of Norse Mythology and Ragnarok

Who is Fenrir?

Among the mythical and legendary creatures and monsters of Norse mythology, few live up to the " Fenrir Wolf " (also called Fenris ).

This scourge of the Aesir gods is the result of the union between the giantess Angrboda and the evil god, Loki . Her brother is the Midgard Serpent, Jormungandr and her sister is the goddess Hel . Together they form the trio of death. The gods of Asgard quickly noticed the danger they posed and quickly put in place means to prevent them from wreaking havoc on the Viking world.

Fenrir Hel and Jormungandr

With the Giantess Iarnvidia, he gave birth to the Managarm, Skoll and Hati, the two wolves who pursue the sun and the moon in order to scroll through time.

Fenrir viking wolf necklace

The first time Fenrir was mentioned in history was in the ancient texts of the Poetic Edda by Icelandic historian Snorri Sturluson.

This scourge is described as overpowering and colossal . When it had its mouth wide open , it is said that its lower jaw touched the earth while its upper jaw brushed the heavens. His eyes were immersed in an eternal fire, his coat was black and very dark.

The story of the wolf Fenrir

As soon as he was born, the gods noticed the danger represented by the wolf who was then raised in the kingdom of Asgard. The more he grew, the bigger and more powerful he became. So that in the end only the god Tyr dared to approach him to feed him.

Thus, the gods decided to bind him with a chain which they named Loeding . She was supposed to be very strong and they challenged Fenrir to break that bond . It was with formidable ease that he managed to get rid of it. The gods then bound him with a chain named Dromi . But the result was no more convincing.

Fenrir attached chain

The Aesir therefore turned to the dark elves to ask them to make a chain that the wolf could not get rid of. They managed to make a magic link called Gleipnir . This one was made with old world ingredients. We are talking about a woman's beard, mountain roots, bear tendons, the breath of fish and the saliva of birds.

This chain actually had the shape of a silk ribbon . The Gleipnir had the advantage of being indestructible .

However, the giant wolf had become much more suspicious of the gods. Indeed, they kept trying to restrain it. But Fenrir lent himself to the game one last time and offered a deal. He agreed to submit to the test of the ribbon if a god dared to put his hand in his mouth .
It was the god of justice and war, Tyr who was voluntary.

Tyr and Fenrir

Unfortunately for him, the wolf understood very quickly that the Aesir gods chained him. Thus, he bit the hand of the god Tyr and cut it in half with his sharp teeth and fangs . But it was too late for him, he was already bound by the magical bonds of the ribbon.

Fenrir and the Ragnarok

According to legend, when the Ragnorök arrives, Fenrir will be freed and wreak havoc alongside the god Loki and the giants against the gods Aesir . It is Fenrir who will kill the father of the gods, Odin. But Odin's son, Vidar, will avenge his father and kill the wolf with a kick of his magic boots.

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