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What is your Totem Animal?

Since the beginning of humanity, many cultures have given animals protective virtues . And Scandinavian culture is one of them. Men seek to appropriate the virtues and powers of the latter, to be protected, among other things.

Indeed, each totem animal has the vocation to watch over humans , to inspire them and to guide them throughout their lives. In Norse mythology, totem animals represent spirits, concepts or gods.

And the Vikings did indeed have their totem animal.

What is the totem animal for?

What does a totem animal do?

According to Native American tradition, the totem animal is present by our side on a daily basis to help us get through the trials of life . Of course, he gives us free will . But it guides us and allows us to learn more about ourselves . On our qualities to develop, for example: communication, patience, …

In the most difficult periods , the totem animal appears as a "guardian angel" , from which we come to draw the strength to move forward.

Still according to Native American tradition, each totem animal has its own personality and its own characteristics , which it shares with us. It is quite possible, moreover, that our totem animal changes over the years , depending on the trials of life that may be experienced. Of course, all these messages can only be perceived if we know how to listen to them and decode them.

What is my totem animal?

To find your totem animal, it is essential to be patient , to know yourself and to observe the signs that happen to us. We do not choose our totem animal, it is he who comes to us, quite simply because he corresponds to us. And not because it's our favorite animal.

How do I find my totem animal?

Meditation Animal Totem

If one can discover his animal totem during a dream , or a walk in the open air, it is also possible to discover it during specific meditations . We think in particular of hypnosis , visualization or even sophrology .

One of the many techniques for discovering your totem animal is to sit facing a white sheet and close your eyes. You should then let your hand draw on the piece of paper the shapes that come instinctively. When the eyes open again, the image that appears corresponds to the totem animal.

But there are still many other ways to meet your totem animal. The vibrations of Tibetan drums or bowls , for example, can lead to a maximum state of relaxation and relaxation. In this circumstance, the brain is then put in a very specific state, and will allow itself to explore something new. For many, this is the best way to find their totem animal.

In short, the whole thing is to completely relax your mind. In short, to agree to see what is happening in the environment around us.

What to do when you have found your totem animal?

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Once your totem animal has been discovered, you should deepen your personal relationship with it . To discover its deep meaning, and the true meaning of the relationship we have with it.

For this, we are very interested in his totem animal . We observe it when we see it in its physical form, we learn more about its way of life through research in the library or on the internet. Then we look for the points that we have in common with him.

It is thanks to these observations and analyzes that we will be able to understand what our totem animal has to tell us, to teach us. Of course, all of this can take some time…

What are the most common totem animals?

Hundreds of animal totems have been identified, each with its own message to deliver. There is no hierarchy in animal totems. None is "stronger" than another, nor "better" than another. On the other hand, all of them have their own characteristics and qualities.

You can also learn more about Viking animals in our dedicated article: Animaux-de-la-mythologie-nordique

Here are some examples of the most common totem animals:

The eagle or the falcon


He is the solar and celestial symbol. This royal bird represents the gods . He is the image of the father .

The goat


He is the nocturnal and lunar symbol. But also that of libido and fertility . The goat is the animal of sacrificial rites.

The wolf


It is the symbol of freedom , instinct and intelligence . But also a lack of confidence… in oneself or in the other.

stag or doe


It is the symbol of sensitivity and intuition . These two totem animals teach determination , while remaining gentle in each of the steps taken.



It is the symbol of passion and desire, but also that of freedom . This animal represents strength , especially sexual strength, and passionate desires.



It is the symbol of courage and strength to overcome all trials. The lion has a fighting spirit .

The snake


It is the symbol of life force and energy . This totem animal can mean that changes are on the horizon.



He is the symbol of sensitivity, while being clever and cunning. The fox is an excellent guide and shows the way for every obstacle .

the bear


It is the symbol of healing , physical and emotional. The bear brilliantly helps the brave when they have to fight against adversity.



It is the symbol of inner peace and quiet strength. It is also synonymous with determination .

The dog


It is the symbol of fidelity and love. protection and loyalty .



It is the symbol of auspiciousness and announces the light. The rooster is considered a deity in many cultures around the world.

What are the totem animals that correspond to the Norse gods?

The wolf, the crow, the eagle and the horse are animal totems corresponding more particularly to the god Odin . Indeed, the chief of the Ases had his eight-legged horse Spleinir, two crows named Hugin and Munin, as well as two wolves within his palace. Odin is also able to transform into an eagle to traverse the nine realms.

The stag and the strap are connected to the god Freyr . The two animals are a symbol of fertility, as is the god who is often represented with his boar.

The cat is rather connected to the goddess Freya , reminiscent of the felines which pull her chariot during her travels.

The bear is instead related to the god Thor .

And, finally, salmon to the deceitful god Loki .

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