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Top 30 Gift Ideas for Vikings Fans!

What gift to offer to your loved one or friend who is a Vikings fan ? This is a crucial question because each object has its own meaning.

As much to tell you that you are in the right place!

Indeed, Ervald is the first French-speaking shop specializing in the Viking universe .

This article will be separated into 3 parts:

Gift for :

  • children
  • Men
  • The women
  • Viking Gift for a Child

    Children will generally prefer Viking Accessories or certain jewelry .

    Viking mugs

    Cups can be a great choice for a child. He can prepare his tea or hot chocolates there!

    Here are some examples:

    Viking Skull Mug

    Viking Crane Mug

    His purely Nordic style will make him a perfect little Viking. With the pretty horned helmet , he will have the chance to drink from a mug worthy of the great Vikings like Ragnar Lothbrok.

    Fafnir Viking Mug

    Fafnir Viking Mug

    With a rather childish style, this cup is very popular with children , especially boys. What child hasn't dreamed of having a cup with a magnificent dragon as a handle?

    The Dragon Fafnir is a dragon in Norse mythology. It is said that this dragon was originally a dwarf who would have transformed into a dragon to protect a great treasure...

    Many modern adaptations have been made of it, such as Smaug in the Hobbit, from the Lord of the Rings saga.

    Medieval Viking Mug

    Medieval Viking Mug

    The Vikings is also the story of invasions in medieval times. This mug represents a knight of Wessex . Ideal for a child, to take him on a journey to wonderland!

    Viking Jewelry

    Silver Vegvisir Pendant

    Viking pendant Child gift vegvisir

    The Vegvisir symbol is both a sign of protection but also acts as a guide . You certainly know it if you are used to Nordic traditions.

    It is more than recommended to offer this type of present to a child in order to ensure him a full and complete life.

    Ragnar Bracelet with Beads

    Gift Ragnar Bracelet

    What kid isn't a fan of Ragnar Lothbrok ? This legendary hero who left to discover new lands.

    Starting out as a simple farmer to end up king and legend of all Scandinavia for millennia.

    Make your child happy with this bracelet of the great Ragnar!

    Other Accessories

    Horned Helmet

    Child horned helmet

    Nothing better than a disguise to please a child. Thanks to this child-size horned helmet, you can transform it into a real little Viking!

    Viking Hrafnsmerki Badge

    gift viking badge

    This is the raven of clan Ragnar. Once again, a magnificent gift as an invitation to the child in the big Viking family !

    Viking Skoll and Hati Cap

    Skoll and Hati Cap

    A beautiful cap representing the mythology of our ancestors. Skoll and Hati are the wolves who run after the moon and the sun. This is how in Norse mythology the days pass.

    There's nothing like immersing your child in stories from ancient times. With this cap as a gift , maybe he will be curious to learn more about the world of the Vikings?

    Viking Valknut Wallet

    Viking Valknut Wallet

    So certainly, a child does not yet have bank cards. But we all loved collecting those of our parents when we were little.

    With this beautiful wallet that he can use later, immerse your child in the culture of the great Nordic warriors.

    The Valknut being representative of the great Nordic values ​​and concepts.

    Viking gift for a man

    For a man the choice is wide. Indeed you can choose rings , bracelets or necklaces but also all types of clothing and other accessories for the beard for example.

    Jewelry for men

    Ragnar Lodbrok Pendant

    Ragnar Pendant Gift

    All Vikings love Ragnar. By choosing this pendant, you are sure not to go wrong.

    The raven represented on the medallion is the one present on the banner of the clan of Ragnar . It is also a very well known and respected symbol in Scandinavia.

    Mjolnir Hammer Pendant

    Thor's Hammer Pendant Gift

    The Mjolnir Hammer is simply Thor's hammer . Nothing can stop this mighty hammer forged by the dwarves.

    It is a symbol of power and strength and will certainly appeal to a man passionate about Norse mythology.

    Valknut Viking Ring

    Valknut Viking Ring

    A big ring in this style can only please a man. It is adorned with Norse runes with a golden Valknut at its center.

    Beyond being very symbolic, this ring reminds the man of which clan he belongs: that of the Vikings.

    Viking Clan Signet Ring

    Viking Clan Signet Ring

    A signet ring is a very strong symbol. It represents the coat of arms of a house or a clan. In this case, it is a Nordic wolf that is engraved there .

    Ideal therefore for a gift to a true Nordic at heart.

    Dragon Scales Viking Bracelet

    Viking Bracelet Gift

    Still in the Nordic theme, the Dragon is a very present creature. There are for example the Dragon Nidhogg, Jormungand, Fafnir and many others...

    You can learn more about dragons in our Dragons in Norse Mythology article.

    Viking Beard Beads

    Viking beard bead

    If your viking friend or husband has a beard, these beard rings will give him that 100% viking look.

    Already worn at the time of the Vikings, they are very aesthetic nowadays. He will love them!

    Viking clothing for men

    Asgard Sweater

    Asgard Viking Sweater

    This Sweater has all the representations of the gods of the kingdom of Asgard. We find there the horns and the crows of Odin and Heimdall. But also the Hammer of Thor.

    By offering this sweater remember to ask the one who receives the gift to guess all the badges present there.

    It's a very nice test that can be done during Christmas meals to occupy the evening.

    Viking Bodybuilding T-shirt

    Viking Bodybuilding T-shirt

    Your Viking is a great sportsman? Then this T-shirt is essential.

    In addition to giving a fabulous look, it is ideal for playing sports. Both flexible and resistant, it is the perfect gift !

    Round the World Viking T-Shirt

    Round the World Viking T-Shirt

    Again, this is a great gift to fill a Christmas evening. On this T-shirt are listed all the Viking invasions and their dates .

    What to travel around the world thanks to our ancestors.

    A small accessory for the road

    Valhalla Passport Case

    Valhalla Passport Case

    Your Viking is a great traveler? So give him this Passport case specially in the colors of Asgard, the kingdom of the gods.

    Viking gift for a wife

    There are many possible gifts for a Nordic woman. Indeed, going through many jewels such as earrings for example, you can also stay on a classic path and choose a t-shirt.

    Here is now a selection of gifts to offer to a female Viking fan !

    Viking jewelry for women

    Lagertha's Beads Viking Necklace

    Lagertha's Beads Viking Necklace

    In a fairly traditional style, this necklace can be very popular with women. It is made of natural stones and is totally eco-responsible.

    Offer it to the most beautiful to make it 100% Nordic.

    Wolf Love Viking Necklace

    Wolf Love Viking Necklace

    Want to gift this to your wife, girlfriend or best confidante? It is the ideal gift.

    Then remember to take it twice in order to have one each.

    The wolf is a very important and highly respected animal in Viking culture. just look at the number of appearances in mythology (Fenrir, Managarm, Skoll, Hati,...).

    Lagertha Viking Bracelet

    Viking Woman Viking Bracelet

    The most beautiful and tallest of the Viking women is Lagertha. So of course, offering this type of bracelet to a woman is very rewarding for her.

    The symbol on this bracelet is the same one worn by the shield warrior during her fights. With that, impossible to be mistaken about the Viking membership!

    Freyja Beads Viking Bracelet

    Women's Viking beads bracelet

    This Viking bracelet refers to the goddess of love . Freyja, is a female deity

    This Bracelet adorned with blue and silver beads will fit perfectly on the wrist of a Nordic woman.

    Ideal gift to be sure not to be mistaken. In addition, it is available in size small or large.

    Celtic Viking Ring

    Ring Viking Woman

    This Celtic style ring will delight any girl's hand.

    It is light, simple and elegant at the same time. Silver in color, it is very reminiscent of the Nordic style.

    Celtic Heart Earrings

    Celtic earrings

    Still in the same field, these Celtic earrings will go wonderfully with a Nordic hairstyle. Give them to your favorite Viking.

    Fenrir Wolf Elastic

    Fenrir Wolf Elastics

    Available in three colors, these elastics are perfect either for a woman or for a little girl.

    They will come perfectly to help her make ponytails while keeping a Nordic style.

    An excellent gift that will certainly be useful to him every day!

    Viking clothing for women

    Now let's see two last products that can be added to the wardrobe.

    Viking Valkyries T-Shirt

    Viking Valkyries T-Shirt

    This t-shirt with the Valkyries symbol is both minimalist and very designer.

    It will certainly appeal to a Nordic girl who does not bother with 50 jewelry and accessories.

    It is a very nice gift to offer!

    High Style Vikings Boots

    High Style Vikings Boots

    These Viking-style boots were most certainly reserved for an elite in the times of our ancestors.

    It is a nice gift for people with a bigger budget.

    This article is now complete. Hoping that you will have found something to satisfy your loved ones. Whether tonight for Christmas , New Year or even for a birthday .

    Ervald is delighted to have the largest French-speaking Viking community and we give our best every day to offer you as many new products as possible.

    Hail Odin!

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