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Top 10 Viking Decoration Ideas for a Birthday

Discover the best interior decorations to prepare your home for a Nordic birthday . 100% Nordic style guaranteed.

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A superb Skol painting

Skol Viking Painting

  1. https://ervald.com/products/tableau-viking-skol

Passionate about these traveling warriors who stop at nothing, this Viking skol painting is a significant asset to embellish the walls, enrich the collection and build only a universe of its own. Once hung in your bedroom or living room, all you have to do is enjoy the view. It is an ideal birthday gift for a loved one or a friend who shares the same passion as you. This is an artist painting for interior design. Available in several sizes , the canvas is decorated with a Viking motif expressing good health, success, friendship or teamwork.

A Double Painting of the Wild Wolf Fenrir

Fenrir wolf painting

  1. https://ervald.com/products/tableau-viking-loup-fenrir

Get inspired by Norse mythology by offering this Viking Wolf Fenrir painting to your loved one as a birthday present! This is an artist's product for collectors, made on cotton canvas and available in multiple sizes. This item is perfect for sprucing up your bedroom, hallway or living room. Decorated with a design symbolizing the Viking of Force, Fenrir is in fact a monstrous wolf, a child of the God Loki and the giantess Angrboda, a messenger of misfortune and direct descendant of Ymir. It works well as a gift at a Viking and dragon themed birthday party.

A viking party vinyl clock

Beer viking clock

  1. https://ervald.com/products/clock-viking-skal

Nothing better than offering a viking skal clock to your friend who is passionate about Scandinavian pirates. Ideal as a birthday present, this item can adorn the walls or set up a Viking universe at home. It is a vinyl style clock with a diameter of approximately 30 cm , running in quartz movement, precise and silent. This one settles between two mugs of beer, marking the celebration, the tradition and the good health among the traveling warriors by drinking the famous Cervoise. The whole structure is available in two models, integrating LED light or not .

A clock from a Norse invasion/raid

Viking invasion vinyl clock

  1. https://ervald.com/products/clock-viking-invasions

Get this sublime Viking invasions clock and perpetuate the atmosphere of traveling warriors! This article forms an original gift idea , ideal for displaying the time in the Scandinavian way. Personalized by an artisan, the wall clock is carved from a vinyl record, showing a motif of the fearsome Viking warrior equipped with his axe. It works precisely and quietly with a quartz movement. The LED version allows you to read the time even if the room is completely dark. The structure is available in two models, but the diameter of the clock inside is approximately 30 cm .

A statuette to deposit your keys at the entrance of your house

Viking statuette keychain

  1. https://ervald.com/products/statuette-viking-key-ring

Let yourself be charmed by this Viking Keychain statuette , one of the most beautiful reproductions of the peoples of Norse mythology! This is an interior accessory that highlights the legend of Erik the Red, the one who explored Greenland, the immense land located between Europe and North America. In fact, the Norwegian Gunnbjörn Ulfsson had first sighted these coasts, at the beginning of the 10th century, but Erik founded the very first European colony there. The keychain is made of resin , ideal for collecting all the keys of the house. This article is also ideal as an original birthday gift idea for Viking fans.

A viking wall rug for children

Children's Viking Wall Rug

  1. https://ervald.com/products/carpet-mural-viking-style-scandinave

Introduce your friend, colleague or family member to this magnificent Scandinavian style Viking wall rug , in the image of Nordic Viking culture! These Norman looters are widely recognized throughout the ages and the whole world as very good warriors and also winners. For enthusiasts of this period series, this rug is enough to express the entire Viking culture with its many elements: the bearded warriors wearing a horned helmet and an ax in their hands, the famous warship called Drakkar, which allowed these Scandinavian pirates to travel everywhere, as well as the dragon. This 100% polyester decorative item makes a unique birthday present.

A wall decoration of a wooden ax

Wooden ax wall decoration

  1. https://ervald.com/products/art-mural-viking-axe

Choose with pleasure as an original and unique birthday gift idea this Viking ax wall art ! It is indeed an axe, the queen of Nordic weapons and the symbol of the Vikings, made of high quality Iroko wood . It allows the Scandinavian people to make their houses and boats, but also serves as a combat weapon to face enemies. This time, the ax comes from a craftsmanship , to form a wall decoration with finishes in 100% ecological natural wax . She is dressed in pretty Nordic knots, which look like tentacles to remind us of the spirit of the sea that sleeps inside us.

A Vegvisir cushion to decorate your sofa

Cushion Vegvisir

  1. https://ervald.com/products/cushion-viking-vegvisir

Impress your loved one by giving them this Viking Vegvisir cushion as a birthday present! Vegvisir is the compass of Nordic pirates, the magic symbol of navigation. Composed of 8 branches, it signifies orientation and protection. Four of them evoke the four cardinal points (North, South, East, West) and the rest show the inter-cardinal directions. Give your loved one the opportunity to be guided by this orientation cushion made entirely of polyester . Different sizes are available as needed. It is sure that the person who celebrates his birthday will be lucky to find his way despite the bad weather and the storms of life.

A cushion representing the one-eyed god Odin

Cushion Odin

  1. https://ervald.com/products/coussin-viking-dieu-odin

Give your loved one, family, friend or colleague, a lover of Nordic culture, this Viking cushion Odin the Father, with the image of one of the main Nordic gods. It is a polymorphic deity, which symbolizes victory, knowledge and the dead. Ideal as an original and exceptional gift, this cushion is decorated with the motif of the son of Bor and Bestla, sometimes represented as a bearded old man with one eye on the side of his left eye. Offer the protection of the god Odin to your loved one by choosing this Viking Odin the Father cushion, available in several sizes according to need.

An LED lamp of a 3D Viking helmet

3D Viking Helmet LED Lamp

  1. https://ervald.com/products/lampe-viking-3d-helmet-a-cornes

Let yourself be charmed by this Viking horned helmet 3D lamp to guide you towards the light! This one-of-a-kind article is an original gift idea for the birthday of your loved one, family, friend or colleague. Who doesn't know that Vikings are always equipped with horned helmets to impress enemies and scare them away? But in the Nordic civilization, this equipment is also used during religious ceremonies or only to decorate a body or a room. The lamp is perfect for your interior design, bedroom or living room. It has 7 light color changes to amaze its recipient.

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