Top 10 Décorations Vikings pas cher

Top 10 Cheap Viking Decorations

All the decorative items listed below cost between €10 and €40 maximum. They will bring a touch of the Nordic universe to your interior in order to receive your guests in style.

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A Warrior of the End Times painting

Painting Viking Warrior of the End Times


Do you want to acquire an original element to perfect your decoration at a lower price? Opt for this Viking warrior painting from Ragnarök . This is a depiction of a brave Viking holding a double edged ax that will stand proudly in your living room, dining room or bedroom. The reproduction is painted in black, white and red to highlight the unparalleled ferocity exhibited by Viking warriors during battles and raids. This table goes perfectly with any type of decoration, but is particularly suitable for a vintage or rustic style.

A Viking Painting of Inner Peace

Viking Painting Inner Peace


Enjoy hidden messages and pop culture correlations? This viking keep calm painting will be perfect for your interior decoration. Available in black and white and in various sizes, this artistic representation chronicles the association of Viking history with our era. This inexpensive decorative element is to be put in your dining room , your living room or your bedroom to bring a friendly atmosphere to your interior. And don't forget to stay calm, because you're a viking!

A board with the alphabet of Norse runes (Futhark)

Viking Runes Futhark Painting


Learn the viking alphabet while decorating your home with original artwork with this viking alphabet futhark painting . Complete your collection with this painting and at the same time give a historical dimension to your interior. Futhark is actually a writing system used by Scandinavians before the arrival of the current alphabet. It is with this writing that the majority of the works that allow us today to understand the history and the way of life of the Vikings were carried out. This canvas will be the main attraction of your collection and can go very well with a simple and minimalist decoration .

A wall carpet representing a Drakkar

Nordic Drakkar Wall Rug


Art has always had a central importance in the life of the Vikings. And if the latter were mainly known as being bloodthirsty barbarians and pirates who pound the European coasts, it is with astonishment that historians have discovered their love for art and everything related to this field. You are also an art lover, but you do not want to invest a fortune in paintings or original paintings? Opt for this Viking Nordic boat wall rug which represents a drakkar, the boat used by the people of the north to tame the seas.

A Wall Carpet representing the wolf Fenrir

Fenrir Wolf Wall Rug


Adopt the Fenrir wolf in your home through this large Fenrir viking wall rug . It will be perfect to hang in your living room or bedroom . This tapestry is made in black and white to be sure it will fit perfectly with any type of decoration. The Futhark alphabet in the background further underlines the Viking side that this painting brings to your interior. This tapestry can be installed in your bedroom to serve as a decoration for your headboard or in your living room to bring a friendly atmosphere around the Viking theme . It can also be hung in your meditation room so you can draw inspiration from the qualities of the Fenrir wolf during your Yoga sessions.

A sticker of a Drakkar to stick on a wall

Sticker Drakkar Viking


Dress up your wall with this inexpensive decorative element. This viking drakkar sticker is perfect for your living room to bring a touch of viking. This is the representation of the Drakkar, the famous boat used by the people of the north to plunder and attack the European coasts. It is surmounted by a dragon on its front to be more easily spotted by allies and to be feared by enemies. The boat is embellished with several shields that serve both as protection and decoration . This decal can be used to adorn your living room, dining room, bedroom or any other living space.

A sticker of the tree of life surrounded by Nordic runes

Sticker Yggdrasil


Are you planning to redecorate your home, but you don't want to invest a lot of money in buying decorative elements ? Opt for this cheap runic tree viking sticker to bring new life to your walls. This viking runic tree sticker will be perfect to give new life to your walls. You can install it in your living room, dining room or bedroom to emphasize your Viking style. The sticker represents the Yggdrasil tree or the tree of life. It symbolizes the connection between the different worlds of Viking belief.

A Wall Carpet recalling the expeditions of our ancestors

Viking Expeditions Wall Rug


Bring a Viking touch to your interior by covering your wall with this magnificent representation of Viking symbols. You will find on this Viking distant expedition wall rug a drakkar (the boat used by the Vikings for raids), shields serving both for decoration and protection as well as the Vegvisir compass, the most important instrument of navigation for the Vikings. northern people. The association of these symbols represents the epic of an expedition en route to distant lands. This rug can be hung on the wall of your bedroom or your living room to complete your decoration.

Statuettes of members of the Grand Army

Large army viking statuettes


Decorate your home with original pieces like these great army Viking statues to underline your attachment to Norse myths. This small collection is made up of small figurines of different sizes. These statues will be perfect to decorate your coffee table, your fireplace or your entrance. No matter where you want to put them, you will be sure that they will bring a unique character to your interior . Make a good deal by opting for these decorative pieces at a lower cost. You will find 5 figurines of the most important members of Viking mythology.

A cushion representing the world tree

Cushion Yggdrasil


Bring warmth and comfort to your interior by opting for this Viking world tree cushion . It is composed by the design of Yggdrasil, the ash tree that connects the different worlds: Asgard, Midgard and Niflheim. Available in several sizes, this cushion will adapt to your interior discreetly, while being one of the main elements of your decoration. It can very well be installed in your living room on the sofa, on an armchair or on your bed in the bedroom to bring a mystical dimension to the room. The cushion is made of polyester and is machine-washable for better maintenance.

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