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Sigurd Serpent's Eye , or Sigurðr ormrí auga in Old Norse, is one of six sons of the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok . An emblematic Viking of Scandinavian culture, Sigurd has a physical particularity: his so-called snake eye. But then what did he really look like and what is his story?

Who is Sigurd Serpent's Eye?

Sigurd Serpent's Eye

Sigurd is the third child of the legendary Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. His mother is Aslaug , and his brother is Ubbe Ragnarsson , Halfdan Ragnarsson, Björn Côtes -de-Fer , Ivar Ragnarsson and Hvitserk Ragnarsson .

He was born in Denmark , Sigurd Eye of Serpend also died there around the year 891. In the meantime, he inherited the throne on the death of his father and reigned over Seeland, Scania, Halland and Viken . Either on Danish, Swedish and Norwegian territory. In some texts it is also written that Sigurd could be co-ruler of Denmark alongside his brother Halfdan. It is also possible that he entirely succeeded Halfdan when the latter died in battle in 877.

Sigurd Serpent's Eye Ring

Descendants of Sigurd Serpent's Eye

It was to Blaeja , his prisoner and daughter of Aelle of Northumbria, that Sigurd Serpent-Eye married. Together they have two children : Hartgacanute and Aslaug , named after his grandmother. On the death of Sigurd, his son succeeded him and in turn became King in the 900s. As for his daughter, she married a royal descendant and gave birth to Sigurd the Deer, who would later become King of Norway.

The Danes' Gesture , on the other hand, reveals a completely different version of the story. Indeed, the text gives Sigurd a son named Eric who, upon his death, inherits the throne. Except that here, the heir must at this time face a namesake and usurper: the son of Harald, also named Éric. The latter finally comes to be killed by the son of Harald Klak, Guthorm, leaving the throne to the son of Sigurd. King Eric and his wife, Guthorm's daughter, finally leave a son: Knut.

Sigurd, a Viking warrior alongside Ragnar

Sigurd and Ragnar

Sigurd Serpent's Eye is first and foremost a Viking warrior and explorer . Very close to his father , Ragnar, he accompanies him many times during expeditions such as in Russia . With his brothers , Sigurd Serpent's Eye would have been a very great strategist at the origin of the extension of the Viking kingdom. The siblings also left twice on expeditions to England with the Grande Armée . Their goal: to avenge the death of their father and kill King Aelle.

Sigurd Serpent's Eye: where does your name come from?

Serpent's Eye

The legend says that Sigurd comes into the world with a very particular physical distinctive sign. Indeed, around the pupil of his left eye is an ouroboros . In short, the representation of a snake biting its tail .

This peculiarity, Sigurd Œil de Serpent inherits it from his mother. Aslaug is the daughter of Brynhildr, warrior Valkyrie, and the hero Sigurd who slew the dragon Fenrir . At the start of their love story, Aslaug insists on proving to Ragnar that she is indeed their daughter. For this, she promises the legendary Viking that one of their children will have a snake in his eye. When their son Sigurd, named after his grandfather, comes into the world, the prediction comes true.

The meaning of this snake is different according to writings and beliefs. For some, it symbolizes Fenrir, the serpent struck down by Aslaug's father. For others, he represents Jörmungand , the giant serpent biting its own tail at the bottom of the ocean of Midgard. This ouroboros is a symbol of renewal in Nordic beliefs.

Obviously, scientists have a completely different discourse. According to some of them, Sigurd could have been affected by a congenital mutation of the PAX6 gene. This mutation results in a malformation of the iris, which could have caused a sign in the eye .

How does Sigurd Serpent's Eye find death?

Sigurd Death

In the famous " Vikings" series , Sigurd Serpent's Eye is killed by his own brother , Iva the Boneless . Indeed, in season 4 of the series , Sigurd and Iva r argue during a festive meal. Ivar then flies into a rage and throws an ax which lands in his brother's stomach. The latter withdraws it, takes a few steps and collapses.

However, Sigurd Œil de Serpent does not find death like this in the few historical texts found . Especially since, among the Vikings, fratricide as well as matricide or parricide were considered the worst of crimes. While little is known about the circumstances of his death, it is believed that he died of natural causes . Old age in short, around 65 years old .

Who is Sigurd Serpent's Eye in the Vikings series?

Sigurd Vikings Series

In the television series Vikings , the character of Sigurd Serpent's Eye appears from the second season and is interpreted by David Lindström . During season 4, the directors kill his character at a banquet after the conquest of Wessex. That evening, Sigurd gets into a violent argument with his brother, Ivar. The latter, we could not be more angry, throws an ax at him in the middle of the abdomen. In just a few steps, Sigurd falls to the ground, stiff dead . In an interview, Michael Hirst, director, says he killed the Viking so early for the good of the character of Ivar the Boneless, a very dangerous warrior.

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